The Choice

I wrote this a year ago and I don't think it is very good but please leave a comment and tell me what you think of it. (Here's the blurb) A girl and a dog are best friends, but in one event their world turns upside down.


1. The Choice

Sam was my best friend. He went everywhere I went. Until that unfortunate day, all purpose of life left me.

It all started on October 29th, my birthday. I was just eight then. For my last present I had to go in the garden.

On the patio was a small shaggy, grey and white, English sheep dog. It was love at first sight. The ball of fluff was 9 months old and got up to greet me straight away with a big sloppy lick. Since that moment I decided he would be called Sam. I ran inside with Sam plodding behind, trying to catch up with me. I grabbed my money and coat ready to go shopping for a new leash and collar for Sam. But before I could go I had to tie a rope around Sam so he wouldn’t go wandering.

We set off, down the road, round a corner and arrived at the local pet shop. As I walked in, lots of wonderful toys and accessories caught my eye. It was dog heaven. Firstly we looked at the leads and collars. I immediately saw the most glamorous collar ever. It was maroon with gold studded squares. With just my luck it came with a lead as well. Sam and I then moved onto toys. I found a cute squeaky ham burger with made Sam jump every time I squeezed it. I also got some chewy sticks, a rope, a teddy, a fluffy blue bed and some dog food.

When we got back from the shops I put Sam’s collar on and took him out for a walk. We wandered into the fields with my new ham burger. We spent hours playing together. Me throwing the toy and Sam catching it and bringing it back so I could throw it again. It was starting to get dark so me and Sam headed home.

Years of fun adventures went by. Sam grew bigger and stronger, he nearly knocked me over once. We always slept together me under the covers and Sam at my feet. Everyone at school was always saying how lucky I was to have a dog, especially one like Sam.

One Sunday afternoon me and Sam were on one of our daily walks when we noticed an apple tree on the other side of the field. But this tree was in the restricted area. My Dad had warned me about that place. He said it was full of danger. When my next door neighbour’s rabbit wandered into the field it was shot dead. By the meanest of all people. Mr Gruff. But the sweet smell of fresh apples rose in the air. It got so strong I had to go, I couldn’t resist it.

I looked behind me to check if my Dad was there. Luckily there was no sight of him. There was also no sign of Mr Gruff either. I ran. With Sam at my side nothing could go wrong. All I was doing was going to get an apple and rushing straight back.

But who knows what could happen over there. As I approached the tree, I heard a feint purring sound. It was Mr Gruffs cat. Whenever he was around you could tell there would be trouble. I arrived at the tree first. Sam was behind, his big paws always tripping him up. Sam had never seen a cat before, so I didn’t know how he was going to react.

A normal dog would chase the cat around the field. But all Sam did was run. The hissing noise of the cat scared the life out of him. Who knew that a cat could be so vile? Sam ran and ran, so fast all I could see was a blur.

Then it happened.

Sam vanished.


I ran in the direction he went. Once I arrived, all I could see was a mess of grey and white fur sprawled across the floor.

He fell.

Fell down a deep cliff. Hitting the hard, solid ground, like a tsunami smashing through a forty story building.

I called to him.

No sound.

I looked around. Trying to find a way to save him. In the corner there was a path. I followed it.

The time went by so quickly. I could see the moon emerge from the hills. Nearly night, but still only half way down the path.

I could feel Sam inside me. All alone, no one to play with.

All night I was searching for Sam. Looking behind rocks and in corners of the cliff, trying to find a remainder of him.

Suddenly, I saw him. In a patch of green, glossy, grass.

He was cold, all stiff with fright.

I checked his heartbeat.

There was nothing.

Tears came pouring out of my eyes. My whole body ached, forcing tears through my body. My tummy always rumbled. I couldn’t leave him he was my only true friend. He never left me even in the toughest of times.

Any way I couldn’t even lift him. So I just sat there. My head in his fluffy, fur. I couldn’t even think of food or water. The sadness overwhelmed me. Nothing in the world could cheer me up, only to have Sam back again.

Not another dog, just my Sam. That night my life left my soul. Me and Sam laid there, cold as stone. No one moved. Just the wind blowing against our hair. No one knew where we went. They thought it was a dream. Of having a child and getting the best dog in the world. That’s how my life went. A dream,through the happy times and the sad ones.

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