harry potter truth or dare

harry and his friends are playing truth or dare with igottogetbacktohogwarts (credit to Harry'sDimples you rock)


1. mysterious girl

Once apon an attic all the Harry Potter characters (harry ron hermione dumbledore ginny mcgonnagall snape umbridge luna firenze seamus dean crabbe goyle voldemort bellatrix sirius lily and james (i know i forgot people tell me in the coments) all of a sudden a girl appeared about 10 years old, wavy red hair ,long legs, wearing a scarlet and gold gryffindor tie, hogwarts robes,blue jean shorts,red chucks,and holding a scarlet and gold pen and a notebook. (sorry for using dimple's idea :/) "hi evyone"she said smiling 'm Cupcake"

HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT! screamed Lily. It's okay I just came here cause I had a great Idea! let's play truth or dare-Ron stop whimpering-I'm included were going to ask the people what they want us to do.

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