adopted by one direction

stacy and alex were best friends since they met in the foster home the day they were sent there . but one day will something go completely wrong and change there lives firever read to find out.


1. introduction

i put on my white shirt with navy blue stripes it was really comfertable and i put on some dark blue skinny jeans and my brown uggs.and to top it all off i put my light cray scarf on and the outfit was complete.i put my hair into a messy bun and put some eyeliner(on top only) on and light pink lipgloss, i prefer looking natural. i walked out of mine and selena's room (yes played by selena gomez but she isnt famous and she doesnt really have the same personality).  selena was my best friend i met her on the day i came into the foster home 2 years ago when i was 13 and she was 13 as well. i ran outside and stood on the front porch.the breeze hit my face i loved that feeling.

''ohh stacy ''the foster parent ,mrs.murray sang .

''yes mrs.m''i called back 

''i need your help with the kids'' she called and i can tell she wad fustrated 

''sure let me call sel'' i sceamed i ran back to mine and selena  room and saw selena in her bed sleeping  ..duh.

''sel,mrs.murray needs help with lily and erika'' i said she smiled and told me to get them and she will be down in a minute

i nodded and ran back downstairs anad walked in the kitchen 

''oh my-'' the entire kitchen was covered in pancake mix

''i know'' miss said back

''what the -''

''mouth''mrs.m pointed 

''what happened here''

''the little ones wanted to make pancakes apparently they think your supposed to use a blender and not hold the top of the lid'' she sighed 

''sure ill help you clean after i get these two muchkins cleaned up'' i said tickeling the two girls standing there disappointed 

''wait miss,can you make us pancakes pretty pretty please'' lily begged mrs.m 

''dont worry mrs.m is busy but i will make you too some later okay ''

they smiled and nodded i picked erika up and held lily's hand

i ran to there rooms them laughing the whole way when i got there selena was on the floor waiting for us playing on her phone.

''busy playing angry birds?'' i laughed she smirked pllayfully hitting me

i opened the door and set the girls on their beds we changed them out of their clothes and put new ones lily wore;

a blue sundress with an outline in white of butterflies .she put on some white flats on . i brushed her hair and put a white and blue bow in it. selena dressed erika in this;

a white dress with no sleaves and a brown belt  in the middle and ends just at her knees  she had a jean jacket and some brown uggs like mine except smaller.selena put her hair ina high pony tail she looked adorable.

''all right now lets go and get you munchkins  some pancakes'' sel said tickeling htme like i did earlier. 

me and stacy  went back to our room and we decided to have a movie marothon

then there was a knock on our door of course it was mrs.m

''hello is there something we can do for you'' i said trying to be sweet but extremely annoyed considering it was my favorite part  of pitch perfect. 

''sorry girls but get dressed someone is coming over and want to adopt girls your age so dres nicely ''she smiled and walked off i sighed nobody would adopt us anyway

i wore; a white dress with ruffels at the bottom and it had a brown belt in the middle. like erikas exept hers didnt have ruffles but it did end at the knees . i put on a beige cardigan instead of a jean jacket and straightened y short dark brown hair and left it loose.i only put mascara and a little pink lipstick. perfect.

stacy wore;a light blue blouse tucked into her navy blue skirt with white spots she carried a jean purse.she had some navy blue flats with white bows on them and she had on her infinity necklace  she curled her dark brown hair and left it loose.her hair was dark but not as dark as mine mine was practicly black. 

soon we were ready so we just waited then soon there was a knock on the door and when we opened it we saw one direction standing there smiling .

wtf just happened.

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