Confessions of a High School Supermodel: Take Two


This is the sequel to my original movella, Confessions of a High School Supermodel!

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Maddie's story continues...


1. Chapter One

*A quick note from the author*

It's been a long time (much too long!) since we last heard from Maddie.  But she's back and so am I!  Thank you to all of my amazing readers who have been so supportive. Without further ado, here is the start of Maddie's next adventure!

Chapter One


With a frustrated groan, Maddie grabbed a black skirt off the gigantic pile of clothing on her bed, folded it haphazardly, and threw it into the suitcase lying open on the floor. 

Wow, I never realized how much I hated packing! Maddie thought to herself in annoyance as she surveyed the absolute disaster zone her bedroom had turned into over the past few hours.  The time was well past 3am and her body longed to go to sleep, but she’d put off packing for her trip until the very last day, and now she only had one more night left to fit her entire life into a suitcase. 

She held up a tiny red shirt she’d dug out of the back of her closet that she hadn’t worn since she was ten. She held it up against her body and peered in the mirror.  Hmmm, maybe I could wear it as a crop top? she mused.  Those are supposed to be ‘in’ right now, aren’t they?  She tossed the “crop top” into her suitcase.  I can’t just bring any old clothes, she thought with a frown.  I’m going to PARIS!

Paris.  The city of lights, Maddie’s gaze flickered to the poster of the Eiffel Tower that was tacked up on her bedroom wall.

She smiled as she reflected on the last couple of weeks.  Her modeling career had gone from strength to strength ever since she’d spoken to the media in her now-legendary press conference.  Maddie had gotten herself signed to a proper modeling agency and was starting to book professional jobs in addition to her work with Victoria’s Secret.  She had been so busy with photoshoots, casting calls, and auditions that she could barely keep up with her schoolwork.  She had been getting so much interest from European fashion designers eager to work with the young starlet that her agency had decided to send her to the fashion capital of the world- Paris, France!  And not just for Fashion Week either; she was going for the entire summer!  Of course, her mother would never in a million years allow Maddie to go alone, so her mom and Cassidy were coming along with her.

Maddie had never been out of the country before, much less to anyplace as exotic and special as Paris.  She could feel butterflies in her stomach in anticipation of the big trip ahead.  Traveling was so exciting!  It always seemed like something only glamorous people did- people who led sophisticated, extraordinary lives.  Now that’s going to be me! she thought happily.

Maddie lifted up an old stained grey t-shirt and sniffed it gingerly.  She threw it in the corner of the room, toward her dirty laundry hamper.  Yup, that won’t cut it in Paris, she thought, wrinkling her nose.  Maddie ran her fingertips over the silver duct tape holding together the sides of her weathered black suitcase.  Well, actually it was her dad’s suitcase, and he’d had it for the last twenty years.  When Maddie found out she was going to Paris, she had used a small amount of her modeling earnings (more like a small fortune!) and bought herself an elegant traveling bag from none other than Louis Vuitton-- exactly like the one she’d seen Victoria Beckham carrying in UsWeekly. 

Naturally, Maddie’s mom had immediately freaked out and insisted she return it.  None of Maddie’s pleas had worked, not even the old “but I need it and it’s good quality and I’ll use it forever and ever, so pleeeease!”

Her mother had flat out refused with her standard, “It’s way too expensive and it’ll get stolen in a heartbeat and we already have a perfectly good one you can use, so end of story!”

Maddie scowled just thinking about it.  Her mom never let her splurge on anything, even now that she was a working model.  Her parents put away every cent she earned into her college fund.  She got the feeling her mom would never stop being a cheapskate. Even if Mrs. Fox won the lottery one day and became a multi-millionaire, she’d probably still clip coupons and shop at discount stores.

Even with all of Maddie’s recent career success, one of the best things about the past few weeks was that Sundance and Sawyer and their friends had finally started leaving her and Bree alone.  After all of their schemes to embarrass and humiliate Maddie had backfired, they seemed to have gotten tired of trying.  They were now back to treating Maddie as if she didn’t exist, and for once Maddie couldn’t have been happier about it!  I wish Bree could come with me to Paris, Maddie thought a bit sadly.  Bree was spending the next few months at soccer camp, much to Maddie’s dismay.

And then of course there’s Evan, Maddie thought, biting her lip.  A lot had changed since the press conference.  Ever since they had shared their first kiss, she and Evan had become an actual, real-life, bona-fide couple!  Maddie had never imagined she would end up with a boyfriend as cute as Evan, much less one who was a famous actor and the envy of so many girls’ desires. 

In some ways, it would be a relief to get out of the states for a little while, she figured.  The paparazzi had been getting worse and worse since she and Evan had officially started dating.  She kept hoping the photographers would eventually get bored and leave them alone the way Sundance had, but the media interest only seemed to get stronger.  Maddie hoped the attention would be less intense in Paris and that she’d be able to truly disappear into the crowd.


She sighed heavily as she fingered the silver locket around her neck that Evan had given her when they said goodbye earlier that night.  Inside was a teeny tiny photo of them from when they’d first met so long ago.  I’m going to miss him so much!  He had promised to visit her for her birthday over the summer, but Maddie knew his new film project would keep him pretty busy for most of the summer.  

Evan had managed to score a part in the new Quentin Tarantino film, and Maddie knew he was beyond excited for the opportunity.  “Who’s Tarantino?” Maddie had casually asked when Evan told her the news. 

“You mean you don’t know who that is!” Evan had sputtered.  “Um, only the greatest director who ever lived!  Other than Stanley Kubrick of course.”

Maddie nodded stoically, pretending she knew exactly who Evan was talking about, “Yup, greatest director of all time!” she said knowingly.

Evan had smacked her hand playfully.  “Tarantino made the Kill Bill movies!  You’re going to need to expand your film knowledge if you’re gonna date an actor,” he teased chidingly.  Then they’d stopped talking and kissed for about an hour. 

Maddie suddenly felt a pang in her chest.  She was going to miss him so much.

As if he were reading her mind right now, her phone buzzed as if on cue, the name “Evan” lighting up her screen.

She smiled and swiped her thumb across the screen to read his message.

‘Its late.  R U still awake?’

Her fingers fluttered across the screen to respond. ‘Yeah, still packing.’

‘I couldn’t sleep.  I was thinking of u.’

‘I’m going to miss you so much!’

‘I’m outside your house.  Come out for one last goodbye.’

She looked around her messy room and her suitcase that was still nowhere close to being packed.  Her kitty cat Honeydew had actually just crawled inside the suitcase and was sitting comfortably on top of her clothes, as if it was a special bed made just for him.

Maddie shrugged in defeat.  I’ll finish in the morning.  Hopefully.

‘Sure!  Meet you outside!’



8 Reasons Why I Don’t Need a Boyfriend This Summer to be Happy

1. I can finally change my screensaver back to the picture of One Direction! No more hiding my 1D obsession!

2. I can paint my nails without him whining about the smell.

3. I don’t need to watch a basketball game or an episode of Top Gear for ages!  I can spend all day watching The Carrie Diaries and Say Yes to the Dress if I want to!

4. No need to do my hair and makeup to impress anyone- I can just chill out in sweatpants and glasses and pimple cream.

5. I can go shopping for four hours straight and not have to worry about dragging along my bored boyfriend the whole time.

6. I don’t have to watch him play video games with his friends for hours on end!

7. I can do stuff that’s totally weird whenever I want.  (like act out Taylor Swift music videos with my cat)

8. I’m free to casually practice my flirting tips with any cute boys I might happen to meet! (How to Flirt With a Guy:

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