Friends with benefits? (Bieber)

Hey! Thats me, (YN) :D

Well obviously, whoelse would that be? o.o

I have a little sister named Maddy. I live with her & my mom, Lisa.
My dad left us when i was only two. I haven't heard from him since i was 4 though :/

Anyways, I live in Canada. The same town as Justin Bieber.

I cant call myself one of those obsessive fans, but he's cute & i love some of his songs.

I love singing & dancing, its my obsession :)

I got to a special school that mostly revolves around dancing, singing & acting.


Austin, Caitlin, Cody, Greyson and Kim are the people i hang with the most,but the two people that I trust the most are Austin & Caitlin.

Yeah, well thats really all i can say, im horrible at describing myself.

So bye(:


1. Chapter 1.

.I got out of bed & ran into the bathroom. I turned on the shower & got in.
I squirted my strawberry scented shampoo into my hand & washed my hair & body.
I got out of the shower & wrapped my purple cheetah print towel around my body. 
I blowdried & straightened my hair, i added a cute headband & walked out.
I picked out an outfit & layed it onto my bed. 
I took off my towel & put on my clothes. I went to my makeup counter & applied my makeup.
I went infront of my mirror & took one last look. I whispered to myself.
" Im beautiful "
I smiled & put on my shoes, I grabbed my phone and bag & went downstairs.
I got into my car & drove to school. 
I texted my mom telling her that i was on my way to school.
I got to school around 9:45, classes start at 10 though. 
I parked my car in the usual spot, i got out & started to walk towards the entrance until I heard my name being screamed.
I turned around & saw Caitlin waving & screaming at me.
laughed & walked towards her.
Caitlin- hey boo(: 
You- Hi, you know you didnt need to scream that loud.
Caitlin- You obviously didnt see me when you parked your car!
You- Sorry i've been..distracted.
Caitlin- Well i have huge news.
You- spill? 
Caitlin- mhm :D well you know my brother?
You- Yes..
Caitlin- Well his friends & him are coming to this school! 
You- why should i be happy?
Caitlin- Arent you a bieber fan?
You- No? 
Caitlin- Oh, well here they are!
You- great..

I hated meeting new people, i always get so shy :/ 
What if im not good enough? 
I sighed & i guess they were walking over to us since Caitlin was smiling huger & huger.
Caitlin- You look pretty today (YN)(: well you always do
You- Thankyou. 

I turned around & saw them..
Caitlin- hey guys, this is (YN) my bestfriend :)
You- hi.

I said shyly, im shy i cant help it.
??-Hey (YN) im Justin, i guess you knew that already.
You- Hi, & yeah.
Chris- You obviously know me[;

I giggled.
Chaz- Im Chaz & thats Ryan.
Ryan- I can speak for myself -_- Anyways hello there[;
You- ha hi. 
Caitlin- So who has singing class first?
You- ME!
The guys- us too!
Caitlin- Great.

Justins POV
We were all so excited, Caitlin described the school as a nice place.
We got to the school, it looked nice from the outside. I parked my car & we all got out.
Chris- I'll show you her spot.
Justin- Alright.

We all followed Chris, until I saw Caitlin, there was this girl infront of her. 
We got closer. 
Justin- Ayee!
The girl turned around, whoa she was so beautiful :o
Caitlin- hey guys, this is (YN) my bestfriend :)
You- hi.

She acted shy, that was cute.
Justin- Hey (YN) im Justin, i guess you knew that already.
Time to get my flirt on, even though i have a girlfriend-_- ohwell what she doesnt know wont hurt her[;
You- Hi, & yeah.
Chris- You obviously know me[;

She giggled. Its so hot ;)
Chaz- Im Chaz & thats Ryan.
Ryan- I can speak for myself -_- Anyways hello there[;
You- ha hi. 
Caitlin- So who has singing class first?
You- ME!
The guys- us too!
Caitlin- Great.

We all went inside, Caitlin & (YN) went to their lockers & The guys & I went to ours.
We went into our class, Vocal Class, Room 345 . 
Mrs. Laka- Hello, your names are?
We all introduced ourselves.
Mrs.Laka- Well Justin you can sit next to (YN) .
Mrs. Laka- Chaz & Chris you two in those empty seats , and Ryan next to Austin.
They sat down & class began.
Mrs. Laka- Okay so today we are going to do solos :)
I saw (YN) smile, she whispered to me.
" This is my favorite part "
I smiled.
Mrs. Laka- But first! Some questions! Take out a paper & answer this question..
" Insecurity " 
I looked down at (YN)'s paper, i saw- No confidence. Ugly, worthless. 
I frowned & she looked up at me. 
Justin- Sorry, um i needed an idea.
She just nodded & looked down at her paper.
Why would she feel that way? Shes so beautiful.
Mrs. Laka- So does anyone have an original song perhaps?
She looked around,
Mrs. Laka- You have alot to say Cody, why dont you sing for us?
Cody- No thankyou, how about (YN)?
You- Ugh.
Mrs. Laka- Come on down (YN).
You- Fine. 

I cant wait to hear this.. :) 
She got up & went down to the microphone area. Everyone head lifted up fromt heir desks & looked at (YN).
She started to sing this;
Wow shes an amazing singer. Everyone clapped & she smiled, she sat back down next to me.
End of POV

Yeah i started to cry during that song, I wiped my tears when i was done & Justin looked at me.
Justin- You sing amazing (YN).
You- Thankyou.
Mrs. Laka- Okay, so tmmr we are doing duets.

Everyone groaned, besides me, i love doing this :)
Justin didnt seem so upset either. hes a performer anyways.
Mrs. Laka- You are going to perform a song with the person next to you. Have it done by tmmr. 
The bell rang, thankgod. 
I grabbed my bag & ran to my next class. 
School ended around 1:30 & i was walking towards my car. 
Justin- (YN)!
You- yeah?
Justin- Wanna come over? We can work on that duet!
You- uh sure.
Justin- Just follow my car.
You- okay..

He smiled & walked to his car, i went into mine & followed Justins car.
He got out & I followed him.
Justin- So i was thinking need you now by Lady Antebellum?
You- why that song?
Justin- I dont know, its easy & i guess you know it?
You- ha yeah i do(: 
Justin- come in , dont be shy.

I wish i couldnt be so shy. I wanna be outgoing, the only way that i can be that way is through singing. .


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