Broken ~ Doctor Who One Shot

The Doctor visits Rose in the parallel universe.
Fandom: Doctor Who


1. One Shot

His hand was searching for the socket. He was nervous and a bit confused, you could not see his face, but you could tell by the way he moved his hand up and down towards the wall. It was shaking. But after a minute, he hit it, and the light was on. A man, with a red bow tie and matching suspenders appeared in the opening of the door. He straightened his bow tie and his brown hair. Then he looked around and discovered a crib in the corner of the room, which made him switch off the light. He walked against the crib, while he wondered why he decided to go in there in the first place. He could have waited until the next day, but he was too curious. He had to find out. Now. What was she up to? What was she doing? Rose. The Rose he had left on the beach, with a human incarnation of himself. Was she ok? On the other hand, if he had decided to see her, while she was awake, he would not be able to leave her again. Not ever. When he was beside the crib, he looked down and saw a beautiful little girl. He grabbed her tight and lifted her. She opened her big, brown eyes and looked at him, while he pushed her towards his chest.

“Shhh”, he said, as he started to shake her, “I’m the Doctor, an old friend of your moms”. He looked up and then on the baby again. A smile slowly came to his face, as he started to reminisce Roses face.

“I hope she’s ok, your mom”, he said and tried to stay quiet, “My Rose. I showed her the universe. The stars. She loved them”. The Doctor walked slowly towards the window, while he was still shaking the baby. When they reached the window, he came to see, that the sky was full of stars.

“You see?” he asked the little girl, as he turned her around, “they are even prettier, when you are up there”.  He looked at the stars and wondered if she ever talked about him. Of course she did not. Why would she? The Doctor slowly stopped shaking the baby, while he thought about how the future would have been, if she had stayed with him.  They would probably have been together until the day she died. But then again, wouldn’t it be worse? Watching the person you love, getting weaker and weaker, for every day that past. Watching Rose Tyler die slowly. Watching her fade, her skin getting grey and wrinkled. Watching every muscle in her body, slowly turning into dust. Would it be worth it?

“I loved her. I really did,” he said in a deeper and more serious voice, “but sometimes, you have to let go of the things you love. Sometimes it is the best thing to do”. The baby slowly started crying, as the Doctor pulled her towards his shoulder. Her head was lying on the shoulder, her eyes were wide open and the little girl looked straight into her mothers eyes. Rose was standing in the opening of the door and was trying not to cry. Although the Doctors back, was all she could see, she could tell that he had changed. She was biting her lips, while a tear ran down her chin and landed on her lips. The Doctor grabbed the baby girl tightly and looked at her.

“You know what?” he asked her. The baby remained silent, while the Doctor looked directly into her eyes, “the stars are so beautiful, but they are nothing compared to your mothers eyes”, he paused, looked one more time at the stars and then again on the little girls eyes. A smile came to his face, while he once again reminisced Roses face. His eyes watered, “You have your mothers eyes”. 

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