R5 Lyrics --COMPLETE ( For Now Anyway! ;) )

R5 lyrics!
Please comment below if I forgot a song- Thanks!
08/03/14= Is going to be the best day of my life! <3


1. loud



*c'mon get loud*



been lookin' for the one tonight,but I can't see you,

'cause i'm blinded by all the lights ohh,

and I can never get it right,I need a breakthrough,

why are you so hard to find? ohh



I've been searchin' every city,never givin' up,

'till I find my angle,diamond in the rough,

lookin' for a signal,



baby turn it up tonight!



c'mon get loud, loud, let it out,

shout it out from the rooftops,

c'mon get loud till they shut us down,

c'mon get loud, loud let it out

show me everything that you've got

c'mon get loud, loud I need you now,

baby let me hear it loud,

Na na na na na naa (x3)



Been lookin' for the light to shine,

to start a fire,

And girl I'll be first in line ohh.

And baby when it starts to light

We can't get no higher

Yeah just give me a sign.





Been lookin'  for the one tonight.





Been lookin' for the one, tonight.


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