5th years

*a dramione fanfic*

Its there 5th year. harry and ginny are happily dating and Ron and hermione, well, its complicated. they are on and off, but when hermione catches sight of a slytherin, not to mention the fact he's a pureblood, things get even more complicated. what happens when their secret relationship is discovered?


3. The feast.



       We took the carriages to the school. I got in one with Ginny and Luna and to my dismay Ron lavender and harry. "Your flushed" harry said eyeing me suspiciously. "I just ran into a guy and we umm..." I trailed off. "Stared into each others eyes until I dragged her away" Ginny replied bored sounding. "What?!" Ron exclaimed, and lavender gave him a scandalized look. "Jealous much?" I said crossing my arms. "No I umm well you ugggggggg!" Ron said getting tongue tied. "What Ron is trying to say is who was it?" Harry explained. "Peter pan" I sassed. "Who?" Everyone in the carriage asked. "Ugh it's a muggle fairy tale" I sighed.

           "Muggles" lavender muttered shaking her head. "You got a problem?" I asked. "Yeah just the fact that I think those muggles must have affected your brain" she smirked. "Fuck off" I said. I got up and punched her face, most Likely breaking her nose. "Hermione!" Harry gasped. "Fuck you!" I shouted. I jumped from the carriage and walked up to the school. As I entered the great hall everyone else walked behind me. I stepped in and marveled. This place never ceased to amaze me. The sky was starry and I couldn't help but look at it every so often as I sat at the table. The other kids streamed in heading towards there tables. I caught Malfoys eye and blushed and looked away. Yes, the Draco malfoy blushed!

         After the sorting dumbledore stood up and made some announcements. The new DADA teacher was a toad like woman who harry said was at his hearing. This can't be good. She even had the nerve to interrupt professor mcgonagall! I was still ignoring Ron as we dug into the food. Everyone was still talking about umbridge. After we ate I walked the first years to the common room seeing as i am a prefect. As we were walking I pulled out the note, it read 


Dear hermione,

meet me at midnight at the astronomy tower? We really need to talk, and I think you know it. Please come! I really need to see you!

with love,

Draco <3.


        That's weird, he signed it with a heart. Of course I will meet him but I can't tell anyone, not a soul. 





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