The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: Hunter Trials

Second book in the series.

It's been seven.months since the locket incident yet Mia can't quite confirm that this business with moriarty is over
When her parents adopt someone new could Mia's life be over forever


1. New beginnings

" Mia? Are you done" Said Iron, standing at the yellow tape, a coffee in his hands. I stepped away from the body that lay on the floor, ripping the gloves off of my hands. 
" I think so" I said, ducking under the tape and taking the coffee from his hands. It was 7 months since the locket case, and though I was relieved that I was safe, I couldn't help miss the excitement.

"Mia, what did you find?" Asked Lystrade. I would have never thought that the grey haired old man I'd met in the cab 7 months ago would be my new colleague.
"Well. She was obviously just taking a midnight stroll in the middle of the toughest place around here." I smiled, noting the sarcasm.
He rolled his eyes, unimpressed, but walked off to inspect it himself.

The clock struck 8pm. I supposed that we should probably stay and help clear up but Iron insisted we go home and see Sherlock and John. They had been away all week on some sort of case, something that had been caused by Moriarty a long while back. I tried not to think about it and focused on what I would tell Sherlock. A lot happened in a week when you were a consulting detective.

It was already pitch black yet the street lamps created a somewhat dim light. We drove up to the front of the house before paying the cab driver.
I burst through the door, seeing Sherlock sat writing in his office. John would most likely be sitting in the office too, writing his stupid blog.
 The door slammed heavily behind me as I stormed up the stairs quickly.
"Sherlock!!" I shouted flinging my arms around  him. He accepted my hug, still typing on his computer. I sat on the arm chair parallel to his, telling him about the 12 cases I'd had to deal with that  week. He nodded occasionally, approving of my week. I didn't really mind that he wasn't really listening completely because I knew I constantly did the same.
" mum and dad are thinking of adopting." He whispered through gritted teeth. As if three wasn't enough? I would never understand parents, well my parents anyway, most parents were thankful for what they had but no my parents always wanted more.

" Well I don't need another sibling messing with my life" I snarled, laughing at his amused face. I decided that I should go and talk to Mycroft, he needed to sort out some meeting with my clients.
I knocked on Mycroft's door thinking back to when my parents had gone to Australia and Sherlock and him ha  fought. He shouted me to enter his voice kinder that usual.

"How was work?" He asked, scratching at his notebook with a pen. I explained how everything was going to plan, that I was getting all the school work done on top of all my cases. I knew I could get the work done but the fact that I was excelling, surprised me.
"So mum wants to adopt?" I asked, taking out my own notebook.
He nodded." She says after you disappeared that we all need to be a closer family and she thinks bringing someone new will ensure that" He seemed just as against the idea as Sherlock and I.

Iron had gone back to the crime scenes with John, to write in there blogs. I had missed John so very dearly that week almost as much as Sherlock. 

The clock hands had already swept passed ten o'clock by the time I had settled in my room. The new curtains blocked out any light and I closed my eyes, sending myself into much needed sleep.

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