How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


1. going to past!!

As i opened my eyes, all I could see is his beautiful almond shaped hazel eyes, his silky hair being settled down, his sharp nose, solid jaw with stubble and a perfect face which I die to see every morning. I don't know whether it is his attitude or personality that makes him so special. I still remember that day when we met as if it is replaying again and again.

It was the month of July, London being its usual self, an unexpected rain being announced. And I being the usual self didn’t had time to watch the weather report before leaving the apartment. And I was running to my workplace with my bag above my head to avoid raindrops. I was constantly praying not to be wet by a car otherwise I would have to go home and till the time I will reach my workplace I would be suspended from my work which I was not willing to. But all my prayers went down and hit the ground with the raindrops above which I also fell.

I wanted to slap that person so hard that he (it must be he cuz if it would have been she I wouldn’t have bulged from my place) will always remember not to push a person ever while it is raining. As I looked up to shout at him that hazel eyes immediately made me stop in the mid sentence and made me wonder about that guy’s eyes and how much depth it had in it.

“Hmmm…Excuse me miss..I am really sorry; I didn’t see where I was going. “he said while extending his hand to help me up.

I keenly accepted his hand without my eyes leaving his. But I knew I had to break the eye contact with him or he will think I am mad but his eyes were very mesmerizing that I couldn’t.

“I am really sorry once again. It seems you are going to work and see what I did.” He said with a sad expression as if it was his mistake. Yea I know just a few seconds ago I blamed him for this but after seeing him doing that sad face I can’t resist blaming him for I being wet. I don’t know what this boy is doing to me.

“Excuse me miss..”he said for the third time. Ok now congrats Anna for making you look so stupid. I should remember after returning to my apartment I should face palm 100 times. Now snap out of the day dreaming and come back to reality.

“Uhh!! Ii… oo..k!!”I replied after standing for 10 minutes looking stupid. Stupid me. Really did I have to stutter in front of him? I cleared my throat and replied again “No, its ok.”

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