War Poetry - Why War?

This is a Movella dedicated to the War poems I am writing/have written. I hope you enjoy them but I am not that much of a good poet so please feel free to tell me what you think of them. :D


1. Why War?

This is a poem I wrote for History.  We had to write a poem which links the causes of WW1.  It may not be the best, but this is my attempt.  So enjoy! :D


Why War?


War occurs for many reasons

But none of them make sense.

For when one country gets jealous of another’s land

Protective Alliances are formed.


The Alliances join together

To make one big crew.

They make a plan to stick together

No matter what may interfere.


But when a small war broke out,

Germany just had to join in.

And force all the other countries

To take part as well in this battle unwillingly.


This war just got serious

Not only a two part fight,

But the whole world had got involved

Just because of jealousy and fright.

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