Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


1. Arrival

The Sun shone brightly through the window of the plane which the Leonardo family had boarded. A girl with hair as pure as snow sighed as the light blinded her pale green eyes. Another girl sat beside her, her hair as red as the sun itself, tucked away in a neat side plait, also sighed. A couple of boys sat beside them, twins of jet black hair and bright violet eyes, who smirked at their sisters.

“Xyla, stop complaining, it’s not like the sun’s going to kill you.” Said Serge, one of the twins. The girl with the snowy hair rolled her eyes at his immaturity. Xyla wasn’t quite sure why they all had to move from the sunny scenes of Palermo, to the dark and damp of London. It just did not make sense. The girl, who sat beside her, messed with the necklace around her neck. It was her name, Scar, encrusted with little purple diamonds. She also wore a bracelet with a tiny dragon charm upon it, they all did.

The other twin, Ombra, sat quietly whilst taking in the peace and relaxation of the plane. That was the thing with flying on Christmas day to a place colder than before, it was quiet and cheap. There parents had stayed back in Palermo and decided that it would be better for the four children to go and live in the St. Clermont’s boarding house, situated across from the pairing school.

The plane came into land. The four siblings smiled at each other as the snow tumbled from the sky. The clouds were a silver colour and the sky was an angelic shade of white. Scar and Serge leaped out into the open air, spinning around, taking in the beautiful surroundings.

They sat upon the ground, huddled together.

“It’s going to be different I know that, but maybe better?” Scar laughed, shivering.

“It’s going to be cold, and wet and miserable and lonely. Yeah much better” Xyla spat, sarcastically.

“Maybe England won’t be so bad Xyla?” Ombra, the eldest of the twins, whispered. The atmosphere was so silent that even his soft whisper seemed to echo. A car pulled up beside them and one by one they climbed into it away from the bitter cold of the wind.

The boarding house was on the outskirts of London, hidden in the country side. It was a grand building with steps made of marble stone leading up to the large wooden door that lay before them. The call of Ravens loomed in the air, and the air of mystery of the house surrounded the four children as they gazed upon the magnificent structure.

They were greeted at the door by the house keeper.

“Welcome to St. Clermont’s boarding house, please do come in.” She smiled, guiding them into the house. The carpets were a wine burgundy and the furniture was made of dark, solid Oak. Xyla lead the others to the dorms, standing next to the house keeper they now knew as Miss Ivetta.  There were two spacious rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls to share.

“Dinner is at six o’ clock approximately, so come down to the dining hall by then, see you soon.” She smiled once again before walking back down the grand staircase, Xyla and Scar strolled into their room. The walls were a shade of ivory and the bedding was the same Ox-blood red as the carpets on the first floor. The bookshelves that covered one wall were full of classics and encyclopaedias on anything you wished to know about.

The school books they were expected to take were placed carefully on the dressers which sat opposite each other.  The two girls smiled. It may not have been the fancy mansion they had back in Palermo but it was a close as it could have been. Scar went to go sit on her bed, whilst placing her ornament s on the window sill beside her. She remembered all the times they had spent in Tuscany, running around and telling stories beside the rivers.

Xyla started to unpack her things into the wardrobe. She hadn’t brought many items as she considered that her Mother and father would send money for her to buy many new things. Meanwhile Ombra and Serge sat on their balcony, which they had discovered, watching the snow fall endlessly. They hadn’t bothered to unpack as they saw it unnecessary to do so. There was a knock at their door. Serge decided to answer it slowly, hoping it wasn’t some one who was going to annoy them.

“Hey there, I’m Rosa I wondered if you needed showing around. Said the girl, which stood before them. She had waist-length caramel blonde hair and dark green eyes that were warm and inviting. The boys both nodded after agreeing that there sisters could come to.

They wandered around the house, people watching them as they did. The siblings found it quite unnerving to be stared at for every move they made, but they dared not show it. They needed to fit it here, make a good impression.

By the time the tour had finished everyone had started to file into the dining hall for a banquet of many foods. Rosa sat at the end of the table, the rest of them sitting either side of her. She told them about the history of the school, of the boarding house.

“It was built by a couple, The Carters in the 1800’s; it took them a long time too. They built the school first but some of the children had no where to go, so then this happened. The people round here aren’t too bad, just don’t get on the wrong side of them otherwise there quite sweet” She continued.

Scar and Ombra glanced at each other every once in a while in boredom whilst Serge and Xyla sat, intrigued on what went on around the House. It was much different than in Italy. Everyone knew each other there but here everyone seemed so cold. The feast was laid before them, a king’s meal of pies and potatoes.

Everyone was quiet as they ate, with great hunger; they finished what was on their plates. They took a stroll out into the garden, beside the small stream. They liked it here however different it was from home, however different the people were, they liked it.

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