Shhh! (One Direction Not Famous(Yet)) *RE-DOING*

Micah and Alice are hiding a secret. Can Alice Keep it from people she loves? or will it be locked up forever?


2. New School New Start



~Alice's PoV

I was woken by my alarm clock resounding the most annoying techno beeps you could imagine. Reaching over to turn it off, I knock majority of my things into the floor. I began to think of the mess I would have to clean later on if I kept this up. So I eventually just sat up to turn it off as the housemaid entered my room.

"Miss, I believe it's time to wake up. You wouldn't want to be late on the first day, would you?" she asked, with a kind smile and warm eyes.

"I bet mom would have a fit. It's not like she would know anyway, she is never here." I answer, clearly upset. I quickly get over it, frankly, I'm used to it. So I either stay home in hell, or go to hell at school. I chose the latter. I grab my outfit and head for the bathroom. I take a steaming shower and brush me teeth. I eventually make my way downstairs to the dining room for breakfast. The chef placed bacon, french toast, and hash browns topped with ham and cheese in my spot. All of my favorite things. I ate it rather quickly, grabbed my things and jogged to my car so I wouldn't be too late. Once there, I swiftly entered the office and got my schedule from the secretary. After looking it over, I head to my first class, which happens to be band. I head in the direction of the 400 hall and find 420, which just so happens to be all the way at the back of the school, also known as the band hall. I open one of the double doors that are there and it creaks, and very loudly at that, resulting in everyone staring at me. 

"Who said stop practicing?" A man, who I am assuming is their director, spoke into a microphone, speaking to all of the students standing around the room with instruments. He's not exactly classed as the tall and lanky type, topped off with a receding hair line. He approaches me once everyone is back to their sheet music.

"Is there something I can help you with?" He asks me, slightly yelling to be heard over the instruments playing in the background.

"Well y-yeah. I'm a t-transfer and I have this class" I stuttered, due to the fact even though the students were still practicing, they were eyeballing me. I'm guessing you could say I was nervous.

"Give me just a moment. Keep practicing" He said into the microphone as I walked into an office.

"Do you own your own instruments?" He questioned.

"Um no sir. I play baritone" I replied, attempting not show how scared I am. He walks out of the room and comes back a few minutes later.

"This is your marching horn...... you do know how to play right?" He asks and I nod my head. 

"Okay. The bell is going to ring in about 20 minutes. I'm going to let you and your section meet, then I will let the rest go and you can get to know the rest of the band." I see about 7 people in a circle with baritones. I walk up and stand there for a second, then eventually introduce myself. I then proceed to meet people from the whole band. Only three people stand out to me, which are: Micah Richardson, she plays Alto Saxophone, French Horn, Piano, Guitar, Flute and nearly everything else; Then I met Addison Wild, he plays French Horn and Trumpet; Then finally there's Tsuki. Her parents are anime freaks if you can't tell by her name and she plays trumpet. 

"Hey Alice! You have second with me, my boyfriend and his friends" Micah said. I follow her to second block, and as soon as I walk in, I'm swept away. There are five of the hottest I've ever laid eyes on. Once I recover, I introduce myself to the teacher.

"Niall, Zayn, regretfully Alice will have to sit in between you lots." I turn around and I see two of five of the hot guys I noticed when I walked in. One with blonde hair and blue eyes. Then the other had black hair and deep eyes, his ensemble included a batman shirt, phone case, and mirror. Heart beating a little faster, I make my way over

"Hi I'm Niall.." The Blond one said with a Irish accent and reaching out his hand to me, I shake it.

"Um, hi. I'm Alice" I responded, probably blushing.



After lunch, I head to fourth block. Luckily I have it with Tsuki. At least there's someone I know in the last block of the day. Sadly, I'm Tsuki's only friend. Hopefully she'll become friends with Micah and Addison as well. The bell eventually rings and I scoop up my laptop and turn to say bye to Tsuki, but before I speak, she cuts in.

"Can I come over for a while?" She asks me with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. I'm not going to say no, she's one of the first friends I made.

"Sure, do you have a car?" I question, she shakes her head, so I give her ride myself. As we pull up to my house she freaks over my horses. So we make our way into my house and to my room. She ended up staying the night. I had a great first day, I think I've made a really good friend.


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