one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


1. Sara

You are out in the park playing your guitar and sing to your music. Your having the time of your life well at the same time not giving a care in the world what people think about you and your music. As your playing a boy with blond who was walking bye stopped and listened to you play. When you finish your song he drops a hundred dollar bill in your cup. "That was really good you should be a singer one day." You blush like crazy but thank him.  He tips his hat and says, "Well ill see you around... " "Sara... my names Sara." "Right ill see you around Sara." He winks at you and walks away.

Go back to playing your music but you cant help but wonder why he winked at you when he said he'd see you around. The next day you get a call from a record label called Sysco. You scream with joy knowing that this is the same record label that one direction are singed to. You take a deep breath and answer the phone. The man on the phone tells  you that Simon wants to meat with you.

You say okay and he gives you the address. When you get to the place you get really scared. You start to think to your self that if  he like you your career could take off. When you go in you are immediately taken to see Simon. You and Simon talk about what you can do and you play/sing something you made for him. Then he tells your in.


You get so happy that you start to cry a little bit. Then Simon says, "I would like you to meat who you'll be working with" He leads you into another room where the lads are. He introduces you to each one of them. "Here we have Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and last but not least Niall." You look at Niall and its like something just clicked with you. "Hey your the boy from the park the other day." He just smiles at you and say's welcome to the family Sara."

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