Song Lyrics

Sup peeps!! So here in this book they'll be lyrics of different kind of songs you suggest (or I have chosen) I do have the lyrics for midnight memories (ALL SONGS) and I will not post them till the date. You may have searched lyrics online, but hey! I kinda do this for fun. Soooo, directioners, mixers, selenators, Taylor fans, book fans, beautiful fans, plz do suggest some songs. I'll be delighted to post them for others to see :)


1. Plz suggest some songs!!





choose whatever you want!! Don't give me songs that include swear words (nah just kidding, you can give me songs with swear words. Just me editing the swears and adding who's solos who for a band)

name a song, and tell me who it's by. 


Cant wait for for songs to come in



(P.S I'm not Korean, I just watch and listen to Korean even though I don't understand. THEY HAVE GREAT MUSIC K?!) 


love always


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