Santa Claus is coming to town!

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he will take you down!


1. Santa Claus is coming to town!

Christmas is a holiday,

happy you say.


But have you ever thought,

otherwise than you're taught?


That this Santa is cruel,

and kindness isn't the first rule?


To win Santa Claus' attention,

well, go get a detention.


Everything you've been taught,

is something you've never thought.


Santa Claus is a cruel man,

stealing all these gifts, he can.


With the big stomach of his,

quite possible he ate your sis.


He's sneaking into your house,

eating your cookies, silent as a mouse.



Did you learn the first rule yet?


Or wasn't it much of a threat?


More facts you'll get!



Santa is sneaky,

his voice is squeaky,

his mind freaky,

and he'll get you when you're sleepy.


Now your mind is freaky too,

You wanna catch him, I'll give you a clue:



He is activated in December!


Either November nor September!


You'll most likely meet him in the shopping center!


But you won't remember!



Scared are you now?

You think I'm a stupid cow?


Go ask him yourself!

He'll tell you himself!


But I won't promise you'll get back,

at least you won't be leaving any track.


Watch out on Christmas Eve,

just until he'll leave.


Soon you'll see the snow,

feel the windy blow.



So don't go outside!


Unless you wanna hide!


He is activated in December,


You're the one he'll remember!



Santa Claus is coming to town,

And he is taking you down!








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