show me the way

one cold night.
two teens run away with no fright.
one nearly lost sight.
sure they got into more than one fight.
they all said they should give up they were in the dark, both weak, and with no might.
however if they had eachother,they had the light.


1. she found me

songs for this chapter;through the dark by one direction

a/n this chapter doesnt explain much yet bc its only the first one.enjoy!


     Tessa's POV ;

                              I cried into the sleeve of my warm sweater as i sat on the sidewalk covered in the white cold snow.

" do you need help?" a thick british voice filled my ears.

it cant be,no way ,it isn't, .... but it is

"harry ...harry s-styles?" I whisper as I look up and see his perfect  feautures.

he still looks just as amazing as the ..the last time i saw him.

"Theresa James !?"  he says in shock 

before I can apoligize and tell him I should just be going ,for I sense the akward tension between us, he envolopes me into a huge hug.

'how have you been? i've missed you."

"good good" i lie as we both start walking

"tess i can tell when you lie " he wraps his hand around mine to show me that I should trust him.

'not the best. She ..she found me harry " i sigh tears forming in my eyes

at that point he stops walking to look me in the eyes hower still holding onto my hand

" I knew i shouldnt of left you if I didnt leave you wouldve been safe and your 'mum' wouldnt of found you. i knew i should of just gotten a college closer to london" he curses at himself

'harry stop scolding yourself its my fault. i went to bradford with Zayn to plan Louis' birthday which is in a week."

"she was in Bradford?"harry nearly choked 

"a few  fans saw zayn outside with me and one of them tweeted a pic ,my mum saw and showed u at Zayn's house and she tried forcing me to come back with her and when zayn came back into the living room he saw what was going on so he called the cops and after my mum nearly shot three  police officer with their own guns she was killed by the top security officer who arrived late" i explained 

'are you hurt?"

i bit my lip and looked down to my feet 

"are you hurt?" he askedagain but louder

"yes." i mumbled and lift my sleeve up to show him the marks on my upper arm and my wrist

harry had a hurt look on his face as if this hurt him more than it hurt me.

and im sure it did.


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