Truth or truth?


1. Truth or Truth?

Hey! I am going to make a chaptered fic. This is just the first little part and summary. It will be in different p.o.v's. Hope  you enjoy.(:

          Summary: Kaitlyn is a good friend to the famous boy band 'One Direction'. What will happen when one of the five could turn from a best friend to a boyfriend? Louis? Zayn? Liam? Niall? Harry? Anything can happen in a game of truth or dare. But more like truth or truth.

Kaitlyn's p.o.v

          "Sure Lou. I would love to come over. See you in 10." I am so excited that I get to see Lou and the rest of the boys today! It's been about 5 months. I'm also nervous because I sorta kinda have a crush on one of the boys. But I can't tell him.  What if it ruins our friendship? Crap. I'll figure this out later. 

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