Love me

Sarah used to like the 16-18 year old Bieber, but now? No, she doesn't like him. He's too bad for her to like. She likes bad boys... But Justin's, more than bad. They meet, and he sees her.. She looks his way and nods, she's disappointed that everything changed him so fast. He's confused. She's just walking the streets of L.A. But what happens when he changes, for her? Keep reading to find out!


1. Prologue


Hey Everyone!

Your POV is named, Sarah.


She has long brown wavey/straight hair that reaches her waist.

Brown eyes, long lashes, small pink plump lips, a dimple below the right side of her lip, and she's 5'4. She's cute, kind, sweet and caring, though she can be sassy, tough, and sexy. 

She's from Long Island, New York she knows how to speak Spanish and she's 18 years old.

She's. Good girl... So she likes those bad but sweet boys. Not too bad though. 

She moved to L.A. with her 21 year old sister for the fun and to become a model in the good areas.


Justin POV is still Justin.


Hes 19 years old and lives in CA. and he finished his "Believe" tour a couple days ago. Now he's free to do what he wants for a while. That includes Partying, Hanging out with friends, and Traveling.






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