No words

"Why wont you speak?"


1. They dont talk

Harry's pov:

Its been 3 weeks since me and Louis last spoke to anybody even each other. I was at home watching TV with my phone beside me. I wasn't sure if I should or wanted to call one of the lads up and talk. I did know that if I did call it would be Louis or Niall. Only their was problem we were weren't talking well not with words at least. We each talked in our owen way. Like I talked to Louis with my eyes and he would talk to me with body langue.

We didn't know we didn't talk to each other to tell you the truth. We just..... something happened between us that can never be fixed. Not one of the lads know why we don't talk. When they ask we look down and say, "We don't know." All I can say is that things were said stuff was thrown and we were threw. I still reamber the last time Louis spoke to me. "Harry maybe we shouldn't talk to each other any more. Some ones just gonna get hurt." I fell so dumb for agreeing with him. Idk why I didn't try and argue back with him. Yet its to late so what does it matter.

His eyes that always looked so bright thew were now always dark and sad when he saw me. I never really thought of how I might  affect the lads. Since we stopped talking to every one they seemed pretty down and now we hardly ever talked to our fans. It just wasn't like us. I think the one who was affected the most was Niall. I saw a lot of Louis in Niall but since Louis has been down I hardly ever see Niall. Louis well the only time I see him now is for rehearsal.

I still reamber how happy Louis would get around Niall. When we would ask him how he could get some one who is so un happy and he would just something like, "What can I say its the way of the Niall." Then we would all laugh at him.

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