New Beginnings

After what's happened will they find peace or be forever haunted by the memories of their captors.

Sequel to Kidnapped


1. Scarred

Liam's Point of View

We all just finished moving to our new house. Everyone is out of the hospital but things are far from normal. We are all so scarred by it. I'm constantly paranoid of going outside. They cancelled the rest of our tour when we went missing so I haven't left the house in over a week. I've had nightmares every night since the incident. All I can see is Danielle's cold body lying in front of me and there is nothing I can even do. It's too late. I couldn't save her in time. I feel guilty all the time. I know Louis feels the same too. I just can't help but feel a bit of jealously for Zayn and Perrie. She lived while our girlfriends died. Don't get me wrong. I like her, she's nice. It's just not fair. And I feel like a child for thinking that but it's the truth. Management thought it would be a great idea for us to go to therapy. Our first appointment is tomorrow. Great.

I hear the door open and freeze. I let go the breath I was holding in when I see that it's just Niall returning with the groceries. He seems the most over it. I help him put away the food and grab myself an apple to snack on before dinner.

After finishing my snack I head towards the bathroom. I get the water running and step in. I just stand under the water for about five minutes before images of the event come crashing my thoughts. I quickly shut off the water and step out, throwing on some random clothes.

I am such a mess.

I walk back to my room slowly, not even bothering to eat dinner. I lay down on my bed and drift off into sleep.

I woke up and I had no clue what time it was. All I remember was taking a quick shower. I keep randomly spacing out. When I went for my follow up at the hospital two days after being released they told me I am to not drive until cleared for my spaces. Yet another reason for me not leaving the house. The guys know to leave me alone because I'll just zone out in the middle of a conversation and come back to reality hours later. They've been getting more frequent but for shorter periods of time. Whether that's good or bad I'm not sure, I just hope it doesn't happen at the appointment.

I slip on some new clothes that somewhat match and slide some shoes on. Our appointment is in half an hour. I'm sure that the main focus will be me and Louis. Since our girlfriends actually died and we were taken first. He's been the only one I can actually relate to. We don't actually talk about it to each other. We just notice it, like when he's sulking on the couch I know what's going through his head because I feel the exact same way. The others just don't understand.

Niall is almost his usual self. He's not as happy and carefree. He hasn't been laughing tons like usual but that's probably because there's nothing to laugh at.

Harry is almost never home. Always at clubs getting drunk every night. He never comes home with any girls though. He just goes to get drunk. He gets up each day around dinner, eats, and leaves.

Zayn is almost never without Perrie. It makes me even more sad when I see them together. They are constantly together because they never want to leave each other so nothing bad can happen. Luckily they mostly stay in his room so me and Louis don't have to see their coupleness.

Louis is always sulking around. He hardly leaves his room. Laying face up at the ceiling, just staring at it. I haven't heard him speak one word to any of us. Maybe he has. I don't know, I was probably zoned out anyways.

I check the time again and it is about time to leave. I really hope this is beneficial. I better go gather them or we will all be late.

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