Harry's Little Sister


1. Adopted

Mya p.o.v

I just moved in a new adopted center. I haven't met any friends here though. I'm really shy to talk to people so I went along with it. I decided to go to the park across the street. "Can I go to the park!?!?!?" I asked. "Go ahead!" said the lady behind the counter. I went to the park and then climb up a tree. I took my iPod out and put a One Direction song. I'm the hugest fan of them.

Harry p.o.v

I went to the park with the boys until I heard someone singing Moments. " Shut the door turn the lights oof I want to be with u I wanna fell your love I want to be beside you I can't hide this even though I try hands are tighten time escapes me trembling hands touch skin it makes this harder and the still string turn my face and if I only have this time for one more day and if I only turn back time I know I be your life your voice your reason to be my love my heart is reason for this moment inside I'll find the words to say if your the reason to stay." she said. I screamed as loud as I can. "HELLO YOU UP THERE CAN U HEAR ME!!" I screamed. I guess I screamed to loud. She fell down the tree me and the boys surrounded her until she woke up. She looked really though, she was a brunette and have brown eyes, she also has really long hair. She started to cry. I got really scared so I picked her up and put her on a blanket. She stood up and hugged me and started to cry. My shirt started to get wet. "Sorry, Harry" she said. "What's your name?" I said. "My name is Mya." Mya said. She was really shy. She just stood there with her head down. I smirked. She looked so beautiful. Then she put her head up. "I have to go now." Mya said. "Do you need a ride?" I said. "No, it's just across the street." Mya said. I couldn't believe it. She lived in a adopted center! I felt so sorry for her so I had an idea. "Oh ok then bye,love." I said. Then she walked away.

Mya p.o.v

I couldn't believe I met Harry Styles! I was to shy to say anything. HOW CAN I BE SO STUIPD!! I went to bed. Then on the next day someone was waking me up. When I opened my eyes it was HARRY!! "Wake up WAKE UP!!" Harry said. "What are u doing here?" I said. "I adopted you!" Harry said. "YOU WHAT!!" I screamed. I was so excited! "I have to pack up my stuff!" I said. "Don't worry I did it for you." Harry said. I went downstairs and said good bye to the people that was in the adopted center with me.

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