DMATBTPB coauthoring compettition entry

this is my entry rubbish I know but still


1. Dear Diary

Dear Diary, My second year at the best school ever, and that’s only because I’m in it, daddy bought me a new robe and guess what the first thing that potter did he spilt phoenix blood all down the front. It is his way of saying ‘Ha still remember your rejected handshake’. I scowled at him but then Hermione walked past so I pretended I liked him just for her. Now my father is friends with the DP Potter will pay just you wait. I can’t remember much about last year well except for Potter showing off on that obnoxious broom of his well I will so beat him this year with my new better than potter’s broomstick that is what I called it. Some people keep going on about me being funny well I’m not I just live my life in the shadow of my father and now the DP I can’t win. Anyway Potter is laughing at my diary so I must go farewell.
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