What ever happens, know that I'll always love you... |1D|

"Whatever happens, know that I'll always love you...... "

This story is about a girl, called Ashley. She's a normal girl, nothing out of the ordinary. She lives in a small town, goes to a college not long from home. She spends her time, hanging out with her best friends JJ and Vanessa. Everything is based on schedules and everyday-rituals, and she's living quite a boring life, right up until she meets this boy...


1. Once upon a time.......

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away...


Wait?! This isn't my story? This is how it all began:


It's Wednesday, the 6th of November, and I'm in my room, getting ready for school. ”Ash!!!” my younger sister, Jessica, screams at the top of her lungs, and knocks on the door. ”The door is open,” I say, as a sign for her, to come in, as I am in a bit of a hurry. “Hey Ash? I was thinking, could I borrow your grey sweater today? It's freezing cold outside, and I forgot mine at Janice’s'?” she says as she walks in. “Sure, it's in the closet - 2nd shelf” I say, and smile to her, while putting on a layer of mascara. “Thanks – you're the best!” she says, picks out the sweater, and go to her own room. I smile again. Jess and I have a great relationship, and she's one of my best friends... Speaking of best friends... A loud honk appears from the street outside my house. I look out of the window, and see my best friend – and my transport to school, parked right outside my house. I quickly grab my bag, and hurry down to the kitchen – grab an apple, run to the front door and outside. “Hi love!” I say, as I get into the car, and give Jeremy a quick kiss on the cheek. “Hi babe” he says, and starts the car. “So what are you doing today?” Jeremy says, and look quickly at me, before he takes his eyes back on the road. “Nothing... But there's this new boy, starting in our class today, so I'm kinda hoping that he's cute. We could use some cute new boys at our school!” I say, and push Jeremy a little. “And what exactly do you mean by that?” he says, and look a little hurt at me, even though I know it's just for fun. We – unfortunately – arrive at school, which means that I have to say goodbye to JJ – at least for now. “Bye JJ, see you at lunch?” “Sure babe” he replies, and you give him a kiss goodbye.


I walk inside the school, and to my locker, where I grab my English-books. “Mooorniiiing giiirlfriieeend!” a very familiar voice says, and I turn around to give Vanessa – another one of my bestest friends – a hug. “Hey babyyy!” I reply, and look at her “Stunning as always, I see?” I say at give her the elevator-look as she turns around, so that I can see every little detail of her gorgeous outfit. “You’re not looking that bad yourself!” she says, and I must admit – I wasn't! Of course, I had gone for a slightly more classic, but still absolutely fabulous look , as I wanted to impress the new boy.
- Now you might think, that V and I are popular, and some in school might say that too, but were actually not that popular – but not unpopular either, I'd say, we're in the middle of the pyramid.


As V and I go to class I search the hallway, for new faces, and surprisingly enough, there seem to be so many! I know, you can't know everyone in school, but to be surrounded by so many strangers every day, make me a bit scared. I mean, you always hear about all those school-shootings, you never know when it could happen here. Anyways! We finally made it to room 213 – my favorite classroom! Usually V and I would sit down at the same table, right next to each other, but as we've heard that the new boys should be such a cutie, we sit down, with one chair of space between us so that we both get to sit next to the new boy. Actually there's something you should know about Vanessa – or V as I usually call her , which you have probably already noticed! Well, even though I've told you, we're not that popular – well, V's boyfriend, Ashton, is! Ashton is the quaterback of out football-team, which means, that he's the most popular guy in this school. He's not one of those douchebags though, he's actually really kind, once you get to know him. JJ – my best friend, is on the football-team too, which kinda makes him popular too. Now you might think, why don't you date Jeremy? I mean he sounds like a nice guy? Well, he is! And the fact is, that I've kinda had a crush on him in like forever, but he's really into some college-girl – or at least I think he is?

Anyways, enough about that! Class has just begun, which means the new boy must be arriving any minute now! Luckily everyone showed up today – which means, that the only free chair, is the one between V and I – How lucky is that? Well, to be honest, I'm always quite lucky!


“Attention please! Eyes on the blackboard!” our teacher, Mr. Ross, says, and turns around. He's also quite cute actually. He's 26 years old, and got brown hair, blue eyes, and a great smile – not to talk about his abs! For your information, he's also our Gym-teacher! Hottest. Gym-teacher. EVER!

Mr. Ross, had only begun writing on the blackboard again, when there's a knock on the door. “Come in” he says, a bit annoyed – he'd finally got our attention, well he had my attention all the time, but it wasn't school-stuff I was thinking about!


 The door opens, and our headmaster Mrs. Fischer steps in. “Good morning Mr. Ross.” she says, and smile politely. Mrs. Fischer is always happy and smiling, and even when you do something wrong, she's not the type, that blows up, screaming at your face – all in all, she's a lovely woman. “Good morning Mrs. Fischer. What can I do for you?” he asks, and sit down at the desk. “I'm here with the new student – Mr. Harry Styles.” she explains, “Ohh yeah, welcome” Mr. Ross says, and go shake Harry's hand. I look very carefully at this new boy – Harry. Those girls were completely right – he is very cute! I look at Vanessa, and I can see in her eyes, that she's thinking exactly the same. “so Harry... We'll do a name-game later, until then you can go sit by Vanessa and Ashley” Mr. Ross say, and point at our direction. Harry nods and goes to sit next to us. He introduces himself.

“Harry” he whispers, and smile “Ashley” I reply – also whispering. I push by book gently his direction, and we move a little closer, so that we can both look. I take a deep breath, and even though it might sound a little creepy, he smells good. Like really, good! I smile just by the thought of it, and fall into some kind of dream world...

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