Will You Marry Me?

Harry is a nobleman who needs to marry quickly before he's 21 or else won't inherit his father's money and estate. Niall is just a normal lad strolling along..... ok, so he has a girlish appearance, he's still manly, right? Well he thinks he is. Harry is attracted towards Niall and asks him to marry him, to get his mother to shut up. Only problem, Niall's a guy. Harry is willing to pay Niall to be his "fiance", but he's also going to have to dress the part. They seem to despise each other when they aren't in front of his family. So why was Harry so jealous when someone started hitting on Niall? Will a little jealousy cause for true feelings to arise? What if one of them was already in love? How about the new guy? Why is he so touchy with Harry's fake bride?


1. Will you marry me?

"Mum... What?!  You know what. I'm coming over, we'll discuss this at home!"  Harry angrily yelled into his cellphone.  Not waiting for a response he ends the call and shoves his phone into his pant's pocket.  It was bound to arise, but why so soon?  He hasn't turned 20 yet, for crying out loud!  now he has to rush to his mother's house.  The last place he wants to go right now.

The walk to his mother's house wasn't that long, considering that he was already near when she had called.  But him being angry, took his time making his way over.

He closed his eyes to try to let the winter breeze try to calm himself before he arrived.  But luck seemed to not be on his side for he crashed into someone.  'Just what I need....' he sarcastically thought to himself, as he decided to open his eyes after the impact.  He found said person he crashed into underneath him.  Blond dyed hair was fanned out against the snow.  He decided to see this person's face, but she seemed like she had fer face scrunched up in pain, and that's when he remembered the situation he was in.

"Oh Shit!  I;m sorry.....: He apologized, once he realized that he still laid on top of her.

"It's alright...." she replied softly.  Harry helped her up to her feet.  "Thanks"  She muttered out once she was standing back up.  Now that she was standing and looking out of pain, Harry took the time to look at her.  She was shorter than him, maybe by a foot, maybe a little less.  She had a cute little face, and the most gorgeous blue eyes.  'Shit!' She had caught him staring and was now giving him a confused look.  He coughed awkwardly before deciding to speak.

"I have to go... Sorry once again..."  Harry remembered that his mother was waiting for him.  And with that he turned and left.

"Bye she spoke softly to herself, turning her gaze toward the pastries that we on the floor and clearly destroyed.  "Great.... now what am I suppose to do about these?"  She questioned, crossing her arms over her chest.


He arrived to the dreaded house.  He owned a key, so he just unlocked the door and let himself in.  Peeking into the extravagant living room, he noticed that his mother and step-dad were just sitting on the sofa talking to each other, probably waiting for him.  Making his presence known, he walked into the room as his parents stood to greet him.

"Sit down...." Harry's mother spoke calmly, signaling to the sofa that in front of the one she was seated on.

"Well?" He asked confused as to why his mother was taking this calmly.

"Well...." She started off nervously.  Harry just kept watching her, motioning for her her to go on.  "Well, Your at the age now.... or will be soon..... and I just think that... you need to get yourself a wife...." She finished off boldly, looking directly at her son, to seem intimidating.

"You've got to be kidding me...." he started, fore chuckling to himself.

"No.... It's time you found your self a suitable wife" His mother once again stated, but this time more sternly.

"No." Harry replied calmly, trying not to let his temper get to him.

"Harry, you're what? 19? I believe that you should start looking for a bride" His mother explained, a bit of anger slipping through her tone.

"A bride?  A bride? I don't want to get married yet mother!" Harry's resistance to his anger was slipping.

"No one is asking you if you want to!  It's what you NEED to do!" His mother was standing now.  It was clear that Harry was having trouble restraining his anger.

"Why the hell should I?  I'm not ready, so it's not happening anytime soon!" Harry finally snapped, standing up along with his mother.  Harry's step-father just stood there, beside his mother, trying to calm her down.  Harry just stood there before them, glaring angrily at them.

"Well you're gonna be ready if you want to or not!" His mother rebuked.  Harry's glare just kept getting harsher as second passed by.

"Why the hell are you so angered about this?  I thought that at least you would understand!" Harry didn't yell, he just raised his voice.

"Because I believe that this is the best for you!" She retorted.

"The best fore me?! how the hell is that possible, considering that you're forcing me into something I don;t want to do and am not ready for!" Harry was getting to the brink of getting ready to break something.  And at the moment, the lamp on the table behind his mom was looking very appealing.

"WELL I AM YOUR MOTHER!  SO YOU ARE GOING TO DO AS I SAY! UNDERSTAND?!  END OF CONVERSATION!" His mother yelled her orders as she crossed her arms, appearing very pissed at the moment.  Harry just glared for a few seconds before he angrily walked out of the room and out the door, slamming the said door, to emphasize his anger.  Once outside, he took a deep breathe, trying to calm down.  'Fuck this!' he mentally thought as he made his way toward the cafe he saw down the street when heading towards his mother's house.  Arriving and entering, he took a seat by the window.  he was angry.  No that was an understatement, he was beyond pissed, he was furious.  he had to find himself a wife! not a girlfriend, but a wife!! Where the hell is he going to find a wife?  He held his head his head in his hands as he let out a sigh he didn't know he was holding.

"Can I take your order, sir?" A voice interrupted his thought process.  Looking up, Harry saw that it was the girl who he bumped into earlier.

"Yeah.... um, I'll just take a plan coffee" Harry mumbled, taking a quick glance at the menu that sat before him.  The waitress wrote it down and informed him that his drink will arrive in a few minutes, before she walked away.  It was strange that he saw her again.  Coincidence?  'Maybe?..... No..' he thought questioning himself.  She was pretty.  She had a petite form, and a cute little face.

"Here you are sir.  Would you like anything else?' She asked him, setting his drink before him.

"No thank you though, but may I ask you something, if you don't mind...." Harry responded, blushing a light pink.

"No I wouldn't mind..." The girl answered, putting her notepad into her apron pocket, before clasping her hands in front of her.

"Do you remember me?" He asked.  That wasn't his question, but he got nervous and that slipped out instead.

"Not really... wait!.. you're the guy that bumped into me and cause me to drop the cookies" She glared, remembering their encounter.  "Those cost me $50 dollars out of my paycheck, since they were for the store"  She glared even harder, trying to make him feel guilty.

"Sorry about that... um.... I need a favor... if you won't mind once again?" Harry apologized, getting nervous due to what he was going to say next.

"Depends on what it is..." She looked at him cautiously.

"Well..... WillYouMaryMe?" He asked quickly, closing his eyes so he won't see her reaction.  Opening his eyes slightly, he saw that she looked confused.

"What?  I couldn't understand you..... repeat?  And speak slowly please" She asked.

Harry took a deep breath before he spoke again, "Will you marry me?" She just stared blankly at him for a few minutes before bursting in a fit of laughter.

"You're joking right?" She asked him, whipping a tear away.

"No... But he-" He began before he got interrupted.

"No... I don't want to marry you.  I don't even know you, first of all!" She denied him, becoming serious.

"Let me explain first" Harry replied, desperately trying to make her stay.

"But I'm not what you want......" She stated weakly.  " but I want to gladly want to hear why the hell you want to marry a stranger, so explain" She added, much bolder.

"Ok, so my mom wants me to get married....." He started to explain.  It took several minutes to about half an hour for him to finish.  He was close to tears from the frustration, and here she was just staring blankly at him.

"why should I?" She questioned him once he finished his explanation.

"Well, you don't necessarily have too... But I am willing to pay you if you choose to....." Harry chipped in, hoping that would make her agree.

"But I'm not what you want...." She repeated her earlier statement.  She was starting to get nervous and uneasy.

"I'm attracted to you... why do you think I would ask you?" Harry honestly declared.  "But I still don't know your name" He added looking at her.

She blushed, fidgeting and growing nervous, before he bowed her head, not looking him in the eyes and stating her name, "Niall."

Harry looked confused at her.  "Isn't that a gu- oh!...." He finally figured out why the she... no HE, was looking nervous.

"Well?" Niall wasn't liking the silence..... It was just making him more nervous than he already was just sitting here for Harry to speak again.


Well? this is my first time writing a boyXboy story.... well not really.... but that I'm actually posting.... so be nice? I know I'm not the best writer... but I tried c: I got the idea from a yaoi doujinshi.... I forgot the title... but i remember some of the plot... so yeah...I'm proud with what came out..... but what do you guys think of it.. should I continue??? comment c:

I'll try to update soon if you guys think I should update c:

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