Girl next door

I hate u.... Well I can't hate someone I love this much oh save it styles I'm just apart of this game so just STOP


1. Lexi

I hate u mom I can't believe were actually moving to London Lexi stop we have to whatever... Just go pack

Hi I'm lexi Hotts and I'm 17 I live in Chicago well I use to my mom is moving us to London even though I have a perfect life here I have dark long brown hair and brown eyes I have depression but people say I'm the mot happiest person they have ever met cuz I love to make people smile I like to have but I am a good girl u could say my mom doesn't care so much for me she is always gone her job takes her everywhere I only see her for 1week every 2 months but I guess London is just closer to were she always go so she's pretty much buying a house I'm gonna love in but my mom likes to have over the top things so this house might be huge LEXI where leaving my mom isn't letting me bring anything just some close cuz they already got us things there I walk downstairs to see her waiting by the door I push past her and hop in the car I realize I'm in gypsy leggings with a cropped sweater and my hair is straightened lexi your gonna love it in London it's so beautiful and the house is amazing u have a balcony and I got your piano and guitars there in your room it's 2 story an has a gigantic pool an- ok mom don't leave out the diamond chandelier with the white spiral stairs oh don't get me started on the spiral stairs she says just stop mom ok she rolls her eyes fine

~At the airport ~

I'm gonna need u to stand here and place your arms to your sides are u fucking kidding me I say under my breath the stupid security guard pulled out her radar thing she scans my head and reaches my mouth an it goes off I stick my tongue out to show her my tongue piercing I give her a fake smile she keeps going down and it reaches my stomach and she gave me a cocked eyebrow are u serious I say and lift my shirt up to how my belly button ring she points to go ahead and my mom is just staring at me with a angry look what I say bluntly nothing just u punching holes in your body hey u. Got me my tongue piercing and i didn't know about my belly button one ya whatever were gonna miss are flight they call us on are plane and of corse we have first class gosh can't my mom just stop acting like the god damn mayor

8 hours later

I walk out of the car to see a huge White House and a cool Summer breeze hits me and I see a balcony this is amazing she on locks the door and I run upstairs to see my piano and guitars and a huge bed with a window by it and my amazing balcony I put my purse down and go out side to get one of my boxes I see five guys across the street but one stands out his full head of curls in the dark some one with a dark black quiff looks at me and points curly boy turns around and all I see is emerald green eyes he starts to walk over to me so I decide to grab a box and turn around I feel a tap on my shoulder so I set the box down and turn around hey love he says in his sexy accent h-hi I stutter he brushes off a piece of my hair to let it slip off my shoulder don't be shy he smirks do u gotta name lexi wow that's hot I look down and blush before his fingers lift my chin up do u have a last name um ya Hotts he laughs lexi Hotts that's a cool name I'm harry harry styles I giggle he comes by my ear and I freeze see u around lexi Hotts I smile u to harry harry styles I say he laughs and walks away I pick up the box an carry it inside that was crazy I go back out there expecting to see them but they were gone I grab my last box and hurry inside my mom is asleep so I go up stairs and get changed and shortly after fall asleep I wake up to see the light shining in I open my doors to the balcony and stand out there for a minute it was gorgeous I walk inside and open my blinds to the window then close my doors I take my shirt off and pj pants leaving me in my bra and underwear I wonder to my closet and find black high waist band shorts that are kinda like begging a cuz they aren't the fabric of jeans they have gold buttons on each side I pull open a dresser and see a black crop top that says YOLO I fix my hair in a pony tail and put makeup on just alittle but of eyeliner and mascara I walk up to the window to see harry leaning against his window quiet a show he say I gasp at what he was talking about he just saw me get changed I turn around and walk to my bed I wait 5 minutes then go back over there I turn to see his back his shirtless back I just want him to turn around then he does he makes eye conga with me then smirks shit he just caught me staring then I follow his hands and he pulls his pants down I drop to the floor and hear him chuckle u can stand up now babe he says I laugh he just looks like a bad boy I can't explain u like the view he says and smirks I look away oh it's ok babe I'm looking at down eye candy to I blush and roll my eyes bye harry bye Hotts he says so seductivley and I walk down stairs to see my mom lexi I'm leaving and u are gonna have the neighbors here for dinner I don't think there is any adults just your age so I will be gone actually I'm leaving now and there coming at 5 I look at her wow already bailing on me huh? What lexi ? Nothing it's 1:15 so I'm gonna get in the shower and get ready I love u mom see u in along time I say ad hug her love u to and she was gone I walk up stairs I'm use to this she does something nice then lease I go to my room and grab my towel and and decide to get changed in there I let the twer hit me it felt very nice when I get out I put on my skinny jeans and a regular crop top that says HOT in black letters I have a lot of them cuz my belly button ring I curl my hair and put My usual make up on and some black toms I look at the clock and it was 4:48 so I decide to play my piano I sit down and just listen to my fingers play how to save a life from the fray and I just love the sound it is just beautiful I end the song and hear clapping I jump up it was harry ad 4 other people why are u in my house I about um cuz where your neighbors duh it hits me no wonder harry was in that window why didn't u knock well your door was unlocked and we heard u play I didn't know u played um ya I sit on my bed and they come right in and decide to look through everything but Harry's caught me off guard he was holding up my lace pink under wear with my black bow on it I jump and rip them out of his hands as stuff them in my dresser every body get out and they all scatter out I don't even know your Guys names I say oh I'm Niall the short blonde one says I smile zayn the guy that pointed me out yesterday liam the one that has a brown quiff and I'm louis the one that has amazing blue eyes and u already no harry ya I roll my eyes ouch what's that suppose to mean exactly what u think I say and walk down stairs I feel eyes burn into my bum and turn around to see harry glare at them all it makes me giggle so um what so u want to do liam asks I don't know it's my 2 day hear in London and I usually don't hang around people like..... Us harry finishes not trying to be mean but I have never had a friend who has had tattoos well we have never had a friend with 1 piercing I stick my tongue out oh u have a tongue piercing that's hot I laugh um where are any good places here we could go to a club umm... If my mom found out I went to a club she would kill me but she doesn't care about me ya I say ok go get dressed fine then I walk upstairs ad get my black right strapless dress with black heels and fix my hair I walk down to see them in the same why the hell did I have to change well cuz u look way to good in that's hurt but since u changed into that I don't think it even matters I blush at his weird way of complementing me ok my car should be in the garage I say ok I walk out and look around to find the garage there it is I say and punch in the code to see my lime green charger wit black racing strips damn this is your ride ya know who's driving I say I will and I through the keys at louis ! This is a good way to spend my first day at london

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