"Why's the ferret here?" (Dramione)

Hermione's just come back from America... after 5 years. Her friends don't know it yet, but she wasn't the only one to move to America. What will the say when they see her husband?


2. When Hermione first left for America

When Hermione first left for America

Sniffling, Hermione boarded the shiny jet. It was a few months after the war and she had been urged by the ministry to move to America, at least temporarily, because it was still not safe for muggle borns in England. She had been told she was only allowed to send an owl to her closest friends to tell them she was moving away, but she couldn't tell them where. She had accepted the offer of a ministry jet, which she was told she would share with another person in a similar situation. She hoped it was someone interesting enough to distract her from her sorrow.

"Good morning" chirped Draco to the attractive young woman who had just entered the cabin. Her face looked familiar and her mane of hair threatened to trigger cascades of memories. As she looked him directly in the eye and gave a little gasp, Draco couldn't help but whisper "Granger," under his breath. Who knew, eh? Both of them on the same plane going to the same ministry where they would stay in adjacent flat (Draco had done a lot of research into this). This was just bitter sweet. 

'That's it. Fate has it against me.' thought Hermione as she realized what Malfoy being on the plane meant. Woe betide me! she cried deep in her mind as a greeting fell from her lips. "Morning Malfoy!" She said happily. Deciding to let their past be forgotten, she sat in the seat opposite to him and made a resolution then and there to become friends with him. She was going to become friends with her childhood enemy. This'll be fun.

"So, Hermione, how are you?" Cautiously asked Draco. He wanted to be friends with her. He smiled as she slipped in to the seat infront of him.

"I'm good. You?"

"Me too. How come your going to America?" He asked even thought he knew already. Not that he was always obsessing over her social internet profiles and ministry dealings like a lovesick fangirl. Maybe.

"They say it isn't safe in England anymore. I just wish I didn't have to leave my friends."

"They told you WHAT?!"

"That it isn't-"

"I know what you said," sighed Draco, "it's just that they told you a load of sh-"

"Language Draco!"

"-ugar! I was gonna say sugar! Anyway, the real reason they're taking you to America is because the American ministry is in deep sugar. They want you because you're the sacred one who can solve all their problems. That's the real reason, Hermione.".

Gobsmacked, Hermione realised that he had just complimented her. "Thanks, Draco."

"Your welcome. Now, I downloaded a movie on my IPad while I was at home. Want to watch it with me?"

"Sure. Should I move closer?"

"Yeah. Come sit next to me. You'll see better"

As Hermione sat next to Draco her heart sped up. Despite the fact that she was usually quite calm when faced with an attractive man, Draco and her were quite close. She could see his muscles through his tight tee-shirt.

"Lean a little closer." Draco urged as he could see Hermione was too far away to properly see the film. As Hermione looked as if she wasn't going to, he leaned over to her. Turning a napkin into a table to rest the IPad on, he stayed close to her. Eventually, Hermione relaxed and the rest of the flight passed in comfortable silence.

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