The love of my life



1. Smile Beautiful

Lexi's P.O.V

I was standing at my locker and two guys walk by and one says slut and the other says whore and they both laugh. This guy that I've never seen before comes up to me.

JC- You shouldn't let them talk to you like that

Lexi- I don't care I'm pretty used to it at this point

JC- No one deserves to be treated that way though

JC- My names JC by the way

Lexi- I'm Lexi

The bell rings and I say bye to JC and go to my next class.

I got to lunch next and sit at my usual table that I always sit by myself at in the back of the cafeteria.

JC- Lexi come sit with me and my friends

Lexi-No thanks I'm good

JC-Nope I'm not letting you sit here by myself!

He grabs my lunch and we walk over to the table and there's a bunch of guys there and I get overwhelmed and stand by the table. JC pats the seat next to him and I sit there and he puts his hand on my leg and quietly tells me to relax. Once he tells me that he still leaves his hand on my leg and I try really really hard not to smile.

JC-Guys this is Lexi! Lexi this is Cam,Matt,Carter,Jack,Jack, Nash,Shawn,Aaron,Taylor, Kian,Trevor, Ricky, Connor, and Sam

They all say hi and I say hi quietly. The cutest one besides JC is Sam and OF COURSE he is sitting next to me!

Cam-So Lexi tell us about yourself!

Lexi- There's nothing to tell really! I have twin three year old and their dad is in jail, my parents are both dead so I live with my aunt, and I'm ugly and have no friends. So basically my life sucks.

The same guy from before walks by and coughs and says slut and coughs again and JC glares at him. I get up and go to the other table and put my head on the table and start start crying.

JC- I'll go talk to her

JC's P.O.V.

I get up and walk to the table where Lexi is.

JC-Lexi look at me

She shakes her head no as she has her head on the table.

JC- Don't make me tickle you!

Lexi- Good thing I'm not ticklish!

I immediatly start tickling her and she squeals and tells me to stop so I do. I put one of my hands on her cheek and she looks down and I lift her chin up.

JC- Why are you crying beautiful?

Lexi- Because my life sucks JC

JC-No it doesn't Lexi. You are the most amazing and beautiful girl I have ever met in my life!

She keeps crying and I take one of her hands

JC- Smile beautiful

She shakes her head no and I move closer to her

JC-Wanna know a secret?


JC-I've had the BIGGEST crush on you for the past year and a half I've just never had the nerve to actually talk to you

She smiles and I spread my arms out telling her to give me a hug and she does then we go back to our table. Tyler took Lexis seat and there are no seats left so I sit in my seat and pat my lap and she shakes her head no and I shake my head yes and pull her onto my lap and she smirks.

Lexi-Guys is it true that JC has liked me for the past year and a half?

They all say yes and I whisper in her ear I told you and she smirks. She takes one of my chips and eats it.

JC- Did I say you could eat my food?!?

Lexi laughs and I wrap my arms around her waist as she sits on my lap. Lexi whispers in my ear

Lexi-Can I tell you a secret?

JC-Tell me beautiful

Lexi-I like you too

I smile and kiss her cheek and the bell rings

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