Goodbye and Hello

One day it just hit me - what if the person I loved the most, the person who meant everything to me wasn't there the next morning? I decided to write about it - don't worry, it's all fictional! I know this isn't a particularly good poem, but it's my first and it's heartfelt - I will be taking in any criticism so please tell me what you think!


1. Goodbye and Hello

All the things I could’ve done
All the things I could’ve said
All the things I missed out on
And now you’re dead

The countdown starts
Every single day is a war
Trying to surface this pool
The pool I’ve drowned in before

I watched you
As you slid
Fire engulfed your body
I just stared

Heaven was full
That’s what I said
They ran out of space
So they put you in Hell

The moment I said it
I knew it wasn’t true
For Heaven only held those
Who really felt rue

I could never live without you
You kept me alive
I’m sorry I didn’t know
That I set you aside

You were my world
I loved you above everything
I’m sorry, so sorry
That I treated you like you were nothing

I always told everyone
I would make sure you would never feel the same
You wouldn’t end up with scars on your arms
Like the way I inflicted myself with pain

I guess I broke that promise
It can’t be undone
But it can certainly be avenged
When I do what I would’ve done

Maybe I should be strong
Follow him down with the chimes
I don’t fear death anymore
I just died a thousand times

Hold me close
As I come with you
I gave the vow of protection
I cannot abandon you

Hello, little brother
You don’t have to be alone anymore
I’m coming with you
I did what I should’ve done before

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