Emily's parents got killed by a crazy, obsessive killer who would do anything just to have her by his side. She wanted to run away from him. They locked him up in an asylum but news went around saying he escaped and he's looking for only one girl. Emily is having the time of her life at her friends Sweet 16 at a hotel but that all goes down the drain when she comes eye to eye with the green, captivating eyes that held nothing but pure insanity.


1. Nightmare


Omg so this is my first time writing a Harry Styles fanfic. I wanted to see how far my imagination went and well I ended up with starting this book! So I hope you gus could enjoy. As you can see, I tried to not make it like all the other books where Harry is either really effing insane and kills people so yeah xx 

Chapter 1

Emily's POV

"Thank you Mrs. Steel," I said my mouth curling up in to a big grin. I was completely grateful that Janet's mom gave us a ride. I don't think I could've walked in this horrid weather.

I pulled up my zipper all the way to the top of my neck while the car parked on the curb - in front of my one and only hell hole infamous home.

I opened the car door and jumped out of the car. I walked towards the passenger where Janet's brunette self was sitting with a sweet smile plastered on her face signifying that she had fun today.

"Today was such a fun day" I said shivering in my jacket. As much as I wanted to run inside my cozy home, I could never leave without having a good-bye chat with my only best friend.

"I know right? We have to do that next week! Oh no, it's Susanne's party. Oh my god, I'm so excited," she said looking over at her mom. "We gotta go, text me!"

"Bye, love ya," I said and quickly turned around. I ran towards the door and quickly jammed the key in because my fingers were freezing. I opened the door and a warm blast of air covered me. It felt amazing. I was sure to fall asleep right on the wooded floor.

I looked over at the TV that was on. That was weird. My father was usually yelling at the TV and my mother wasn't cooking dinner. I shrugged. Maybe they went out and forgot to turn the TV off.

I walked up to the closet that was in the living room and I proceeded to un-zipper my jacket. I opened the doors and hung it up.

"Mom? Dad?" I said out loud. There was no response.

"Mikey? Where are you guys? It's not funny," I yelled out one more time. My eyebrows furrowed together and I looked around. I don't understand why my house was empty at this time.

I ran up the stairs and walked towards my brothers room.

"Mikey?" I said opening the door slowly seeing that his TV was on and he was laying face down. What a snob, he fell asleep.

"Mikey, wake up," I whispered shaking him. No response. My throat went dry. My brother was usually a light sleeper and any type of shake or poke would have him instantly up.

"Mikey, what the hell?" I turned him around and almost screamed at the sight I saw. My mind froze and I could feel my fingers trembling. Adrenaline and pure fear kicked in.

"Oh my god," I whispered and covered my mouth from letting out any noises. Tears raced down my face. I knew somebody was in this house. Somebody had killed my family. Mikey had fresh multiple wounds on his shirt and it was completely covered in blood.

My head snapped when I heard footsteps. I quickly looked around the room and then hid under Mikey's bed. I continued to still close my mouth as tears streamed down my face.

I watched as my mother quickly came stumbling in the room and she tripped over my brother's bed. We looked at each other in the eyes and all I could see was pure fear written all over her face.

That was all interrupted when somebody with heavy black boots walked into the room. They walked towards my mother and she looked up.

"Where is she?" The low, hoarse voice said. It sounded like a young man. I trembled. This person wanted me.

"I don't know! I really don't," my mother said tears staining her cheeks.

"Where the fuck is she!" The voice yelled out. My heart stopped as I saw him kneel down in front of her. A sharp object was in his hand and my mouth widened.

"S-She's at her friends sleepover, I swear."

The curly brown mop of hair was covering the guy's face. I couldn't tell how he looked or who he was.

"Last time. If you don't tell me where the fuck she is," the deep voice sneered. I shivered at his words.

"She's not here," my mother spat.

The guy immediately jabbed the sharp knife into my mother's stomach and she looked up at the ceiling - her face twisted with pain.

Then he did it again. And again. And again.

I wanted to scream for this psycho to leave me alone. Why did he want me and why did he have to kill my whole family just to have me?

The guy grabbed a shirt from my brother's dirty laundry and wiped the small knife clean of my mom's blood. He started chuckling and it was a deep, scary chuckle. One that would have you running the opposite direction.

This guy had such a fucking twisted head. He was insane.

He got up and walked out of the room.

After a few minutes, I started hearing sirens and I knew the guy probably escaped by now. I slowly came out from under the bed where my dead brother lay.

The site of it was so repulsive, I was sure to throw up in any second now.

I tried to relax breathing in and out but it just wasn't working. Who the hell was supposed to stay calm after you watched your mother being stabbed to death? I wiped the tears off my face roughly and opened my brothers door slowly.

I looked down the hall and saw nothing. This was the only chance I had to escape before this maniac tried to stab me multiple times too.

I quickly ran out of the room, almost stumbling down the stairs since I was running down so fast.

I ran towards the front door that led outside and I felt so secure when I heard and saw blue and red sirens surrounding my home. I quickly opened the door, stepping out.

I started crying heavily that I made it out safe.

However, that was short lived because I felt a fingers tightly wrap themselves around my mouth.

I tried to scream and move but I couldn't move. The person behind me was completely stronger than me.

I felt curly hair tickling my neck and I knew this was the guy that had killed my whole family.

His hot breathing was dangerously closer to my ear and I watched as police officers were standing feet from us with their guns up.

"Shh," the deep voice cooed in my ear. I almost wanted to throw up at the sound. His voice was so raspy and it had a British accent.

"I want to make you feel good."

My heart stopped and I felt something sharp on my stomach. I was turned around and I met the green, emerald eyes. They held pure insanity.

A deranged mind.



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