Where's Patrick?

Spongebob wakes up in the early morning to go jellyfishing with his best pal Patrick. Spongebob goes to Patricks rock, and finds that Patrick isn't there. Spongebob goes around all of Bikini Bottom in search of Patrick. Will Spongebob ever see his best buddy again?


1. Another Morning in Bikini Bottom


Spongebob leaped out of bed with excitment, scaring Gary. 

"Gary! Today is a great day! And do you know why? I'm going jellyfishing with my best buddy Patrick!" Spongebob yelled and then rushed to the kitchen. Spongebob grabbed the box of new Kelpo and quickly rummaged through the box to find the free toy. 

"Well, now I can add this to my collection of 200 Kelpo toys!"

Spongebob scoffed down the Kelpo and hurried outside with his gear for jelly fishing. He knocked on Patrick's rock.

"Pat buddy, you there?" Spongebob asked then knocked again. Spongebob opened the rock and hopped in.

There was no one in sight.

"Well then, Patrick must've already gone to Jellyfish fields!" Spongebob said then went to jellyfish fields.

As soon as Spongebob got there, there was no sign anyone. No sign of Patrick.

"PATRICK WHERE ON THE EARTH ARE YOU!??!?!" Spongebob yelled at the top of his lungs. 

"Is he missing.....!?!?!" Spongebob yelled again. "I'd better go in search of him! But first I need to tell Squidward!" 



*At Squidwards House*


"KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK" Spongebob banged on Squidwards door.

"Ugh, what does that little moron want now?" Squidward said annoyed, as he looked through his window, seeing Spongebob.

Squidward opened the door and yelled into Spongebob's face, "WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU WANT FROM ME EARLY IN THE MORNING!?" 

"Patrick's missing!" Spongebob cried out.

"Oh dear Spongebob! You'd better go and find him while I GO AND HAVE A SLEEP!" Squidward said sarcastically.

Squidward slammed the door on Spongebob's face.



Spongebob raced home and sat down to think.

"Ok, what do I do first?" Spongebob thought to himself.

"Meow" Gary meowed to Spongebob.

"That's right Gary! I need back up! Hopefully Sandy's home!" Spongebob said then walked to Sandy's.


*At Sandy's*

"Sandy? You home?" Spongebob asked.

"Oh hiya there Spongebob! What brings you here to this fine acre of woods?" Sandy asked Spongebob.

"Patrick's missing and I need YOUR help!" Spongebob blurted out.

"Oh golly! Well what are you waiting for? Let's go!"Sandy said.


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