The Make-Up || h.s.

After Harry Styles was done being the nice guy, he packed all his things and moved to London with his mum. He swore that he wouldn't fall for another girl like Darcy Brandon so he became just like the people who hurt him; the flirt. With a new found confidence and look, Harry and his friends dive into the heart of London and find themselves auditioning for the competition, The X Factor. Harry finds it's hard not to get mad when his ex-best friend, Zayn Malik, joins the competition too. Can Harry keep his cool and make it through the competition without hurting his and his best mates chances at fame?

While Harry is having the time of his life in London, Darcy had just finished with high school and for once is relieved to be away from all the drama. During the summer she lands a opportunity of a lifetime to become an intern for a makeup artist for the reality show 'The X Factor'. She is happy to be getting away from her past and her mistakes but soon finds out that the past is always trailing behind her. What will Darcy do when she has to face Harry and Zayn in her makeup chair? And can she ever make-up with Harry and fix him again?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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