Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


2. Dream.

#Ava's POV#

We got back to Cameron's place, just before it became dark.

We walked to the kitchen.

"So are you hungry?" Cameron smiled at me and walked towards the frigde.

He wasnt wearing a shirt, but i didnt care.

"Yeah, do have some of your moms amazing cake left?" I smiled and sat down at the bar table.

He looked in the oven and gave a slice of the cake.

I almost smashed it into my mouth.


"So, when is the next Magcon?" I smiled.

Cameron drank a cola and looked at the clock.

"I dont remember, i think it's in 2 weeks" 

I got down from the chair and put the plate into the diskwasher.

"So, what time is it?" Cameron looked at the clock again and walked towards me.

He trashed the cola and smiled. "It's 10.30"

I took my phone up from my pocket and looked at it. 

"My phone is about to die, lets go upstairs, so i can charge my phone"

We walked upstairs. 

I put my phone in the charger and threw myself on Camerons bed.

"Aw, i've missed your soft bed"

Cameron smiled at me and walked towards his computer.

I started playing flappy bird on my phone.


After a few hours, Cameron turned the computer off and walked towards his closet.

"Do you want a tshirt to sleep in?"

I stoppe playing flappy bird and looked at Cameron.

"Yeah, and you know i want my favorite shirt"

He laughed and walked towards me with his black *Born to skate, forced to work* tshirt. My favorite.

It always smelled so good. 

"Thanks, uhm is it okay if i change here?"

He smiled and walked towards his bed.

He sat down and looked down at his phone.

I walked towards the closet and got ready to change into Camerons tshirt.


#Cameron's POV#

I looked at my phone, so Ava could change.

I thought she had changed when i looekd up, but she didnt.


She opened her bra.

I saw her bare back.

She took off the bra and threw it on the ground.

She pulled off her shorts and threw them beside the bra.

She looked so beautiful, even from behind.

He pulled on my shirt and walked towards me.

She put her hair up into a meshy bump thingy and sat down next to me in bed.


"Ready to go to bed?"

I smiled at her and put my phone down.

"Yeah" She lay down and took some of the blanket over her.

"Cam?" She turned around and looked at me. "Yeah Ava?"

She smiled. "Goodnight"

I smiled at her. "Goodnight Ava"

She fell asleep pretty fast.

After a while i fell asleep too and i had a weird dream.


I saw two par of lips kissing.

I saw a hand running down a girls back.

I saw a bra open and two people falling into bed while making out.

I saw hair pulling, Back scrathing, lip biding.

I saw guy moving back and front. Like they were having sex.

I saw a smile on the girls face. 

I knew that smile.

I saw a face. It was mine.

My eyes were closed and i was moaning.

I saw the girl's boobs.

I saw the girl.


It was Ava.

I was having sex with Ava in my dream.


I woke up and looked at Ava.

She was sleeping on my chest.

I looked down. 




My dream made me get a boner.

I wasnt suppose to dream those kinda stuff about my bestfriend.


What did this mean?


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