Katherine's Afterlife

Justin lived a normal life...tht is until the love of his life dies. His world will never be the same. But Katherine's Afterlife lives on forever.


2. Time off 🕔

After school I walked home. My eyes filled with tears. But I was to cry. Not in front of my friends, girls, my mom, and me. No way. I was way stronger than this. It's not like I was in love with her or anything. And she couldn't have killed herself because of me.  I mean people break up all the time. No big deal. I took a big breath before I opened my door. Then I walked in and heard my mother say hi. Some how I was able to choke out a hi. I walked into my room.   That night I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was Katherine. Her light brown hair. And green eyes. Her braces and they way she smiled. The way she would kiss me a little then kids me powerfully. Her hugs that she would always stand on her tippy toes. They way her feet always hurt and I gave her piggyback rides. The time at the fair. The rain kiss. Every little moment seemed to run through my mind constantly. I took a breath and tried hard not to cry. I decided I was not going to school tomorrow.   2 DAYS AFTER.   "You sure you don't wanna come?...I heard the news sweetie and I'm sorry but do you really want to spend all your trying being depressed in your room?" my Mother asked before she left for work.   I wanted to say yes. Because that is exacly what I wanted to do. I just shook my head. "Mom just for today.." I said. She nodded and walked out the door. I just layed there on the couch flipping through the channels. It seemed like nothing was on.   I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I had about Atleast forty messages. I unlocked my phone. Most of them were "sorry for your loss", "I heard sorry man", "Wish you the best", and one was from Karly "Come over".    I shook my head. I don't know why but I isn't want to "come over". I wanted to stay home. Be by myself. Had she even heard? I didn't respond to any. Instead I just sat there.    It was about another four house later I realized that her parents were Probabily feeling worse then I was. I felt bad and terrible. Like I was do selfish only thinking about myself. I would go see them this weekend. Which is fine. Because it was a Thursday. I fell asleep again. But this time I was awoken by my mother.   "Sweetie...wake up..get dressed" I heard her say.   "For what?" I said squinting.   "Dinner party tonight...you must go sweetie" she said.   "Mom..." I said.   "Please" she said. I finally nodded. I got up an took a shower and got dressed. I fixed my hair into a qwiff like it always was. I looked in the mirror and my green eyes shined. My cheeks pink. My eyes a bit red from the watery eyes. Bags under my eyes. Not too much. I wasn't skinny nor fat. I was in the middle. I had the form of abs but not really so much as hard core abs. I put on the tux and walked out. "Ready?" she asked in a dress.   "Yeah" I nodded.    She smiled and we walked out the door. I could barely hold my breath as everyone greeted us. Some smiling some wishing me luck. Some don't say a word but their eyes filled with sorrow.   I took a deep breath and shut my eyes.    Finally at the end of the night my feet hurt. I lay in bed but before thinking or even taking another breath. I fell asleep.
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