Truly, madly, deeply

Jordan a was a normal girl. She went to the zoo one day with her best friends kate, Pierce, Gabriella (Gabby) & Diamond. They are huge directioners and they run into 1D at the zoo.


1. Introduction

Jordan's Appearance: 5"5, light blueish/greyish eyes, long curly brunette hair, freckles, braces and  long eyelashes.

Kate's Appearance: 5"6, hazel eyes that change colors, medium length straight blonde hair, dimples and contacts.

Pierce 's Appearance: 5"7, greenish/blueish eyes, long curly blonde hair with red tips, and dimples.

Diamond's Appearance: 5"9, chocolate brown eyes, long wavy strawberry blonde hair, and freckles.

Gabriel's Appearance: 5"8, brown eyes with green around the pupil, medium length black hair with brown highlights, and dimples.

Jordan's Outfit to the zoo:

A black shirt with pink lettering that says free hugs, black pants, pink vans, a bunch of bracelets and pink kiss earings.

Kate's outfit to the zoo:

A grey flowy tank top shirt with pink lettering that says hipsta please, pink leggings, grey vans, and a grey beanie.

Pierce 's outfit to the zoo:

A white tank top with blue lettering that says pierce the veil, black pants with white pant splatters, blue vans, and a bunch of bracelets. 

Diamond's outfit to the zoo:

A red plaid shirt with the sleeves ripped of, shorts, and black converse.

Gabriella's outfit to the zoo:

A blue superman shirt, shorts, white suspenders, and black toms.

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