Husband of a Female

How about a story that will make your world tumble down in confusion. That will make your mind twist with annoyance. That will make your heart shatter with pain. That will make your stomach lurch from vulgarness. This is not your typical and average story, it's heart-warming yet twisted.


1. Chapter 1

The car shook as it drove down the bumpy road. As we passed the final cluster of trees, and big house came into view. I always dreaded the day where I meet my adoptive parents, yet they never last long. 

I'm not so calm when it comes to living with people I've never met before. My parents left me in my God forsaken orphanage. There has always been a tiny speck of hope that they would come back for me. But that does not seem realistic. 

I mean, look at "Little Orphan Annie".          

We arrived upon the rocky driveway and the car came to a halt. My child services agent opened my door, leading me out and away from the car. I looked up and there stood two strangers on the wooden porch.

My new guardians.

I drug my feet as we approached them. One was a woman in her mid-twenties; the other was a man who looked in his early twenties. The woman smiled at me before engulfing me into an uncomfortable hug. I wried away slowly and looked over to the man. His brown curls hung down on his forehead, making him somewhat attractive. The tattoos on his arms were exposed until his sleeve stopped. He looked at me with a mysterious look, as his eyes met mine.

I quickly looked away and back at the woman. She had the widest grin on her cheeks, widest I've ever seen. Her teeth were perfectly straight and white. Her hair was a gold blonde color, making her beauty and perfection stand out.

And I, my hair was a tangly mess on top of my head. My clothes were wrinkled and worn, with several stains from unknown substances. I felt like a lonely beggar compared to them.

"I'm Margret,"the woman- now known as Margret- spoke,"Welcome to your new home." 

Her words coiled inside my head, instantly making me dislike her. She took my hand and pulled me inside the beautiful house. We were in the middle of the country side, so it will be hard to escape this hell hole. Margret led me to an enormous occupied by a bed and a dresser. 

Margret walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of clothes. She walked over and placed them into my arms.

"Wash up before supper," she placed a hand upon my cheek, which I quickly brushed away. "the restroom is down the hall and to the left. If you need anything at all, mine and Harry's room is to the right of this one." She smiled her brilliant smile as she talked. I became annoyed quickly and rushed down the hall. I looked at the pictures that hung on the walls as I made my way to the restroom. 

As I slowly turned the handle to the door, it opened. I jumped back, startled, and dropped the clothes. I knelt down to pick up the garments just as an inked arm beat me to them. He handed me the clothes avoiding my eyes. 

I looked down, forgetting to whisper a "thank you" to the man. I am assuming he is Harry, my new adoptive father. I shut the door behind me and locked it and made my way to the shower.

My hair was a hassle to wash, but I managed to work with it. The clothes Margret provided for me smelt of lavender and I loved it. My hair hung wet down past my shoulders reaching the middle of my back. I slowly walked down the hallway, not sure where to go. I headed for Margret and Harry's room, hoping to find Margret.

The door was open to their bedroom. There was no sign of either of them, so I walked back to my room. As I turned around a deep voice sounded.

"May I help you with anything?" I swiftly turned around and saw Harry standing at the bed, holding an object that I could not identify.

"I... uh-I..." My words could not come together. This has never happened, so I need to work on that.

"Spit it out." He placed the object on the bed. A gun. He had a gun in his hand. My eyes widened and my face reddened. He seemed to grasp the point.

"Oh! No no, I'm not going to shoot you. Or anyone. Lo-" I cut him off by turning and quickly walking towards my bedroom. I shut the door and sat on the bed.

I caught my breath and let it go. Guns were the biggest thing I was afraid of. I cannot comprehend why, but it just is what it is. There was a slight knock on the door before it slowly slid open.

"Supper's ready." Harry informed me. He looked a bit worried, probably because I saw his secret gun and... never mind. He slightly tipped his head before walking away, shutting the door behind him.

I sat still upon the bed, not wanting to move. I felt somewhat scared. Somewhat alone.

I miss my parents.

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