Don't leave

Lily was Liam's little sister. He had left for tour, and he's finally coming back. What does she do when 2 boys fall for her? Who does she choose? Does Liam even let her choose? Does she tell best friends Rebecca and Matilta? What happens when the boys leave again?



Liam and I's House.

**Lily's P.O.V**

I woke up and checked my phone I had a text from LiLi. 

Are Plane today at 9am, can't wait to see you and neither can the boys. Their tired of just facetiming you xD 

Haha I'll be there.

I got in the shower and got out and brushed my wavy blonde hair. It was 8am. I slip on shorts, a grey tank top with a sparkly pink kiss on it, and grey vans. I walk downstairs and eat cereal, liam and I shared a house we moved out together. It was huge since ya know hes famous. I got in my blue jeep. I put on my sunglasses while driving the roads of my hometown Wolverhampton, England. I arrived and got out and waited. The pane landed and I saw Liam, we made eye contact. And I ran up to him but paul stopped me. "Paul it's my sister." Liam said. "Sorry." Paul said. I hugged Liam tightly. "What about us?" Niall laughed. I hugged Niall, then Zayn, then Louis, then Harry. "So the boys wanna stay with us instead of a hotel." Liam said. "Sure." I said and smilied. I drove and Liam sat in the passenger seat and the other 4 squished in the back of my jeep. "Sorry I didn't know I was taking you guys to." I said laughing. We arrived and we pulled up to Liam and I's Manison. "Okay There's 4 guest rooms and Liam has his own room, so go pick rooms 3 downstairs and one Is Liam's room. Zayn and Niall choose those 2. And Harry and Louis choose the last 2 which were upstairs with my room. They put there suitcases In their rooms and I cooked french toast for them. Niall pushed through everyone and I sat there laughing. Afterwards we watched sary movies and I cuddled with Harry because we watched scary movies and Liam gave us looks a lot. Louis was so scared that he held my hands. And Niall had his face buried Into the popcorn. It was so fun having them all around again.

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