Shadow Girl

Luna was a wisp, a shadow, destined to be alone, forever. But that changed...


1. Epiloge

Black thunder roared behind me. Rain, cold and dense seemed to scream "You can't run. Go back, Go back." STOP I WON'T GO BACK TO HER!!!!!! "To me?" a cold voice whispered. I looked up and my hand instinctivly shot to my sword. "You." a growled "Why did you come back Ruby. I left you for your own good." "Right." she said, her words cold and sharp like dagger "my own good is you to go to the love of your life, while you treat me like trash and just... leave me" "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to I just got overwhelmed!" I cried. " Sorry!" She yelled " SORRY! You didn't even tell me! No I'm leaving you! No how are you doing! Not even a goodbye! This is how you'll pay." Her eyes hardend and she started chanting. No. No! NO! I drew my sword and charged, but it was to late. "May the gods hear my call. Curse this man and his family now and later. Show him how it feels to be a mere wisp. Make them shadows!"

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