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  • Published: 3 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 3 Jul 2014
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The story is inspired by ''Little Mix'' song ''Salute''


1. fantastic


    Lacey Baker was a small town girl with big dreams and wild imagination. She was eighteen and already knew she does not belong a place like this. Very often the young girl enters her own world and remains there for hours. The small town kind of life was boring for her. She felt like a stranger every time Lacey walks the same old streets.

To makes her existence different and more fun, Lacey loves listening to music. Many of the songs took her to a complete different world-brighter, prettier, a life where everything is possible. With no limitations. She has a favorite group, of course. It was and forever will be ''Little Mix''-this is what Miss Baker tells to any one who asks her about music bands.

Except dreaming about a completely different life, Lacey Baker was a hopeless romantic girl and her second big dream is to marry to ''the most intoxicating man in the world''. Someone like Prince Charming. Does that type of man live in this world or he was just a fruit of a pretty girl's imagination?

I would rather say ''I doubt that man exists'' but surprisingly, Lacey Baker proved me wrong. The next year she went on a vacation in Pasadena and there met the boy Chris who was two years older than her.

Chris was handsome, intelligent,funny. He was a combination of all qualities that girls and women search in one man.

Throughout all her teenage life, Lacey was dreaming of a fairytale love and finally destiny brought her to her Prince Charming. The wedding was short after their acquaintance.


                                                                            . . .


        Six months after the fairytale wedding, Lacy Baker was the most miserable lady in the world. Chris was not the man for her but she understood her too late. Soon after the wedding, Chris revealed his real face and character. He started get drunk almost every night and from time to time dared to beat up his wife. Lacey is living in hell. The stories about Prince Charming and real love quickly waned and disappeared. She wanted to believe in something, but couldn't find something else to believe in. Lacey couldn't lied herself anymore that this situation will be only temporary.

    One day, while weeping on the bed after the serial scandal with Chris, the young lady heard on the radio a song ,called''Salute''. Her face brightened that instant. It was her favorite girl band ''Little Mix'' with their new single. The song gave her courage. It was very powerful for Lacey. Especially the words:''You think we're just pretty things. You couldn't be more wrong(We standing strong, we carry on)Knock us but we keep moving on (we're moving up, yeah)Can't stop a hurricane, ladies it's time to awake!''

-Enough cryin'-said Lacey Baker to herself.

She packed her baggage and rushed out the fancy house in Pasadena. Nothing, even the posh life, could make her stay in Pasadena for another minute. Why having everything you ever wanted when you don't have love around you?

                                                                            . . .

     Lacey Baker moved back to her old small town. She also divorced the arrogant Chris and took her life in her hands again. She was free and happy. She felt like a soldier who won the most important battle in her life. The new day welcomes her

-Salute!!-was the last thing I heard her saying.

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