Little Mix "Wings"

A girl who stands up to bullies and gathers courage. Inspired by the song "Wings" by the amazing Little Mix!


1. Wings Are Made To Fly

One day, there was a girl called Tamsin, she was 15 years old. Her life was full of struggle as her Dad left her Mum to run away with her Aunt to Alaska. Her Mum couldn't bear the humiliation and ended up killing herself. Tamsin's home life was not the only thing that was horrible, but her school life was as well. 

Many girls bullied her because of her height as she was very short for a teenager and Tamsin had no friends to rely on so she never fully had the power to stand up for herself and overcome the humiliation. Until one day.

Before school, Tamsin was listening to the radio. All of a sudden, Little Mix came on and were playing their debut single "Wings". "I know what to do now", said Tamsin so she quickly got ready and departed for school.

She reached school and was walking in the corridors. A pack of four girls were right in front of her with the arms folded and their body firm. One of the taller girls yelled, "Hey you missing your Mummy already? No wonder you seem so frightened!" After that hurtful comment, the three other girls giggled until their mouths went dry.

Tamsin took a deep breath, in and out. She remembered the lyrics of "Wings" which were "Don't let what they say keep you up at night/And if they give you shhhh.../Then they can walk on by"

Tamsin finally said, "Hey, you there! You think you're so cool making fun of people wherever you go. You may seem pretty on the outside but your ugliness is consuming you on the inside. The world doesn't deserve people like you.  So shut your mouth and get the hell out of here!"

The pack of four scowled and darted off in their high heels to the exit door. 

Tamsin smiled and said "Wow, it feels so much better standing up for yourself than letting it overwhelm you completely!" 

The bullies never bothered her again and Tamsin began to make some new friends. 



The End








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