Hard To Get

This is a story about a girl name Lacey and her two friends Angela and Layla. They live a normal 16 year old life. Until One Direction come to their school and the girls must help them setup.


1. Getting out of science!!

Lacey's P.O.V

I was sitting in the classroom bored as ever as the teacher, Mrs Roberts, was writing an equation on the white board the phone rung she answered it an once she hung up she turned to the class "I need two or three people to go to the hall an help set up with the surprise band, who wants to go?" I looked at my two best friends and we put our hands up straight away anything to get out of class but the rest of the class had also put their hands up I had no chance of getting out of this boring day. And than Mrs Roberts said my name I didn't ask her why she chose me or anything I mean I get out of class! "Angela, Layla, you coming?" As I said that they jumped out of their chairs and we walked over to get our bags. "I will tell your teaches for the next two lessons that you three won't be there." Three lessons?!? Who needs three lessons to set up some music stuff? Well I guess it's not like I am complaining I get out of school until last period. "Ok thank you Mrs Roberts," and with that us three were out the door and heading to the hall.

So guy this is my fist time writing on here so please comment if you like it or not I will try and update every day but it's hard with school but thank you!!! Love yea :* <3

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