Is It Wrong?

Kaley, Jacey, Josie, Adria, Natalie, Cyra, Dainelle, Summer, Autumn, Tana, Verana, Emma, & Shopia are the 13 girls who get picked to come and be the first girls to come on tour with magcon. They and the boys become close, but some become closer then others. Is It wrong to have feelings for someone? Will their be conflict?


1. Heading to the tour bus

**Kaley's  P.O.V**

"Ready? Were almost there." Josie asked.



"Mhmph yes. Im Ready to go on tour With 12 other other girls, and 13 boys. Yes and then be rumoured to be dating all of the boys." I said with a sas tone.


"Hey, atleast their cute." Tana said.

"Whatever." I say as the limo parks. Their are a crap load of fans and security guards around the tour bus, the tour bus was huge. 

I opened the door and I got out. I saw a bunch of flashes and news reporters. Everyone was screaming. I opened the tour bus and their revealed a huge area with a bunch of couches, and a kitchen. 

"Hello I'm Cameron."

"Yes we know who you are. Your kinda famous on vine." I said as I crossed my arms. 

"Sorry she's a little sassy sometimes but Yes we know who you are." Jacey said.

"Cool well. Uhm... whats your names?" Taylor asked.

"I'm Jacey, she's Kaley, she Is Tana, Natalie, Josie, Dainelle, Autumn, Summer, Adrina, Cyra, Verana, Emma, & Sophia." She said as she pointed at all of us with her Index finger.

"Okay, well enjoy your time here. We are on a 7 month tour." Jack G said.

I sat down on the couch and pulled out my phone from my pocket. I opened twitter and posted 'jut meet all the magcon boys, now I have to go on a 7 month tour with them.' 

All my fans replied with things like

'@Kaley.Tompson tell matthew I said hi' or

'@Kaley.Tompson taylor Is mine'

I laughed and everyone stared at me. 

"What?" I asked with sass.

"Why are you laughing at your phone? Ya weirdo." Jacey said.

"Because my fans were saying funny things."

"Ya'll wanna go get some dinner?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah sure." Tana said. I crinkled my nose because I don't want to be seen with the boys.

**Nash's P.O.V**

Kaley Is so adorable. The way she crinkles her nose, her dimples when she smiles, her giggle. Is It possible to be In love after only about 3 hours of knowing someone? Her sassyness Is hilarious.

"Hello, Nash? Will you order already?" I heard Kaley's voice ring through my ears.

"Mhm sorry." I said as I ordered my food.

"You space out a lot." Kaley said as she flicked my ear lobe.

"Sorry, It's a habit." I say. 

"Well It's kinda weird, you always spaced out while staring at me" she said as she crinkled her nose.

"Your so adorable." I mumbled. 

**After Dinner**

"Night guys." Taylor said. Everyone was asleep beside Kaley and I. 

"Are you tired?" I asked Kaley.

*click* "or nah?" She asked as she giggled and crinkled her nose.

"Your so adorable." 

"Aww Thanks." She said and I looked away blushing, I said that out loud.

"Wanna watch a movie?" Kaley asked she came and sat beside me.

"Yeah, sure." I said as she put a movie In and she sat back down beside me.

Half way through the movie she yawned.

"Tired?" I asked.

"Yeha but I'M to lazy to get up." She said.

"Here sleep on me." I said as I layed down and she put her head on my chest.

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