That Girl

Melanie Watson was a normal 17 year old who was best friends with Jack Johnson. He was leaving to go on tour with the boys. What does she do? Does he invite her? Does she go on tour with them?


1. The News

**Melanie's P.O.V**

I was laying on my couch waiting for Jack to come over. He said he has big news, probably something to do with vine or that Magcon thing he got invited to be in. I heard a knock at the door and opened it. 

"Hey. Wanna come in?" I ask.

"Hm sure." 

"We have very happy or sad news." 

"Why would it be sad. It's not like your leaving." I said.

"Actually. I am. Also so is Jack."


"It's for Magcon. We are having a 7 month tour...."

"Oh...." I bite my lip.

"I'll miss you. I should probably go. I leave tomorrow."

"Okay bye." 

"I'll miss you." He said as he came over and hugged me. As he pulled away our faces were close and he started to lean in but backed out.

"Bye Melanie." He said as he left.

I sat on my couch and cuddled my pillow as I drifted sleep.

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