truth or dare (1 direction )


1. meeting one direction

                                                  Katie's pov

"Huh" Katie wakes up at a hotel getting ready for a one direction meet and greet. Katy sings softly as she gets ready "you and I we don't want to be like them, we can make to the end." "Where's my brush? Oh here it is. OUCH!!" she hadn't brushed her hair in 3 days. "Well it's time to go."

When she arrives she has to wait in line for 45 minutes. When she gets to meet them harry grabs her phone to take a picture with her and before he could take the picture he sneezes and drops her phone."my phone!!!" 

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry... if you let me i can buy you a newer and better phone." Harry said with a worried and generous look on his face.

"Ummm....... okay. So how old are you harry?"

"I'm 20"

"Wow! Me too."

Harry:"Well do you want to go and and get your new phone now or what?"

Katie:"Sure." Can I get the gallexy 4 please!?!" She said with a puppy dog eyes.

"Ummm..... okay."


Harry:"Hey now since you have a phone and I broke your other one can I give you my number." 

Katie:"*giggels* sure ."and blushes. "Well I have to go I will text you soon.

Harry: okay text you soon.

When I am on my way to go back to the hotel I went to eat lunch, since it was only 2. I had a cup of tea and I wasn't that hungry so I just had that. When I got back to the hotel I just when for a swim and relaxed and watch t.v before I went to bed.

                                                    Harry's POV 


Zayn:"Huh, what.''

Harry : "your snoring."

Zayn: "well I can't help it, and you only have to put up with this for tonight tomorrow we are going home tomorrow.

Harry: "well its 1:00(am) and I haven't gone to bed."

Zayn: "well...... I guess me and niall will switch."

Harry: "okay."

Zayn: "bye see you in a couple hours.

Niall: "hey, do you have any food?"

Harry: WHAT! NO shut up and go bed.

Niall: "okay, okay." 


Note:sorry if this isn't good could you give me some tips in the comment section, this is my first story. :-) 

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