The People Of Lights {Preview}

{PREVIEW} ✖️The government likes control. They control our money, our jobs. What we watch on tv and what we're allowed to do. In the 2020's, the government gained control and made lives even harder. They took control of who we dated and how we were suppose to marry. After the world legalized marriage equality, the government took charge once again, inserting a genetic virus into every person alive. Since then, millions have been born with this light people call flickers. Jardine Taylor must work through these flickers to find the one she was meant to be with, but will she prevail with all the chaos of her flicker less light?✖️

1. Preview

In the late 2020's, the government detected a virus, later using it in hopes that it would decrease the rates of people marrying those who weren't meant for them. Since then, millions of children have been born with the virus, with no extreme faults. The experiment is nearly 2 decades old, a mere child in the science world, so nothing can be proven. The oldest known case of the lights is in a man who is 24, happily married with a 22 year old woman, who was known to be the second case of flickers. It began in the small neighborhood of Chaster Hill, 2022 , when a computer technician's wife gave birth to a normal looking child. In 2026, when the child was four, a weird mole grew onto the child's hand. In 2028, the mole turned red and began flashing. In the same year, another family discovered their child had the same mole that began glowing around the same time as the boy. 

Afraid it was contagious, the government took over for treatment. They were curious on why this had happened in such a small radius. Before they could do anything, they discovered that a large handful of four year olds began to grow these little red lights they would later call flickers. Years of research later, scientist fully discovered which chemicals caused the lights. The reactions to the love chemical provided the glow. This discovery, founded in 2030, was the start to global madness.

Since then, virus has taken over the entire world and only a village worths of people are born without their lights. These people are known as widgets; taken away at birth and sent to a remote island where they can be with there own kind. Widgets are what would have been known as normal in times before 2031, but it's no longer the case in 2046. 

Widgets live in isolation, living the life of love in a mystery, having to find their soul mates on their own; but even sometimes, those with lights find themselves in this predicament. 


Phase 1: Four years after birth, a blinking light that resembles a Christmas light, forms onto the skin of one's outer hand. 

Phase 2: Once in the outside world, the light begins to blink when one has met, seen, or is in a 15 mile radius of their soul mate; lights can begin blinking anywhere between age four through death. Note: Some people may die never finding their true love. Some people choose not to obey their lights.

Phase 3: Once the blinking begins, it does not stop until triggered by the light's opposite nerve waves. 

Phase 4: The blinking light grows dim after being triggered.

Phase 5: After the encounter of the nerves, the blinking lights begins to fade back into the skin and is replaced with a birthmark resembling their love.

Note: This phase is the last phase and only occurs if one is wedded to their soul mate for five-plus years. Otherwise, the light never fades from the skin and remains until death. 


One would think that a system like this would have it's faults, but it's proven to be successful, or at least that's what the People of Lights are told because there is yet to be an antidote for the virus. There's yet to be anyone old enough to die with the virus, or at least anyone born with it originally. Everyone who's passed with the lights only had it injected into them, making a non-original.

If there was another way of life, Jardi Taylor would live that way. Until then, she's stuck withthe  blinking light that will never be. 

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