The Ultimate Movellas Magazine

Fact of the day, Competitions, Movella of the day, Movellian of the day and more! Check out the Ultimate Movellas Magazine for all these!


1. Welcome!

✿ Welcome to the Ultimate Movellas Magazine! 

Here is a list of what's to come in this




-Movellian of the Day-

A Movellian will be purely picked by 

either me or the co-authors every day! 



-Movella of the Day-

Like the Movellian of the Day,

either me or the co-authors will

pick a Movella which we think deserves some reads!  



We will be holding a competition once 

a month. It could be a Cover, Story, Poem

or an Awards Competition! If you have a 

nomination for the competitions, use this

hashtag - #UltimateCompetition




If you have any suggestions to improve

this Magazine, or just any questions

in general, feel free to comment below

and use this hashtag - #UltimateFeedback


-Review of the day -

Either me or lollysisters will 

pick a book we really enjoyed/disliked and

will write a review about it, so you know what

books you should/shouldn't read!



-What in the world is happening?-

This section is related to all news 

happening around the world! We will

be writing about War, Politics and Other stuff!



-Coming Soon-

More topics coming soon!


Happy Reading,

-spongebobninja, lollysisters and Whats-her-face

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