Because I'm bored and I never write a specific type of poetry lmao.

Notice: none of these poems are my own feelings, I can assure you I'm completely fine before you read this. Most of these poems are also a few years old so I apologise in advance lol


1. Unknown

 Her face is pure beauty,

 her heart is raw and cold.

 Her figure is to die for,

 with looks that could melt gold.


 She would look down upon me,

 if I gave her the chance.

 For now, I'll sit in the shadows,

 and spare her a single glance.


 Why is it that she's perfect,

 and I am such a wreck.

 Why is it she would look at me,

 and mutter, "What the heck?".


 I want to hold her in my arms,

 and tell her she's my own.

 For now I'll slink in the shadows,

 my identity remains unknown.


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