Star Trek Defender

The bloodiest war in their History's is over, now Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future.

One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation.

One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet.

Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members.

The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.

Author's note

A work longer in the making than you could imagine. Ongoing on here since 2014, the idea and the desire to write it have been with me even longer than that.

1. Ambition Chapter One


The Dominion war is over, it officially ended when the Founders of the Dominion signed their surrender three days ago aboard the United Federation of Planets space station Deep Space Nine and although the Federation won, the cost was high.


It could be decades before Starfleet is back to pre-war strength in terms of personnel, while the count of ships lost stands at over 8000 and while the personnel at Utopia Planetia and other shipyards are working overtime building new ships it won’t help matters in the short term as races not involved in the war seek to take advantage.



07:00 Earth Date: July 23rd, 2375 

The Palais De Concorde, Federation headquarters in Paris, France.


President Larenka, a Bolian who is eighteen months into a four-year term is called to a meeting though he has not been told why he has been summoned.


Larenka walks into the council chambers to find all member world’s representatives are there waiting.


Getting straight to the point, Larenka barks at them.


“Why have I been called to this meeting?”


Russell Burton a distinguished Ambassador who has served on Vulcan, Andor and Kronos among others and the highest-ranking member of Earth’s delegation stands up to talk.


“Mr President, your presence has been requested here because a majority of the assembly members feel the way in which you handled the Dominion war and the handling of the situation with the Dominion leading up to the war was at best questionable, at worst grossly negligent.”


“Which is why we all feel that it would be in the best interests of the Federation if you stepped down.”


The President was stunned and stood quiet for a moment before he began to reply.


“How dare you speak to me in such a manner I have given and will continue to give my all to this job and I don’t believe that any other president could have done anything to prevent the war."


"As for how you feel about my actions and the decisions I made during the war I would like to point out how easy it is to criticise in hindsight decisions made under pressure.


"None of you were in my place so what gives you the right to question me like this ambushing me and making accusations that could stain my reputation.”


Russell Burton got back to his feet.


“Mr President you’re right, perhaps my tone was too aggressive and my choice of language harsh for that I apologise.”


“You think your tone was aggressive, I tell you that no one be they President, ambassador or assemblyman should be greeted in the manner you felt it ok to unleash on me.”


“Again my apologies for that and again, you’re right to say that no one whoever they were whatever their service to the Federation, had they been President could have prevented the war.”


"However, my point remains valid you and several people before you who held your position have simply not been up to the task.”


“On what evidence are you making these accusations, Ambassador Burton,” Larenka asked his anger rising as he spoke all the while clenching and unclenching his fists.


“On statements made by both you and two of your predecessors, all three of you have publicly admitted that you did not seek to become President that you were quite happy with your roles as Ambassador for your respective worlds and in my, sorry, our opinion that isn’t good enough.”


“The role of Federation President is the most important, yet it too often it has been given away cheaply to someone simply because of his or her loyal service or because the elder members of the council want someone who won’t rock the boat."


“Who’ll be a nice safe choice someone they’ll be able to persuade if not actually outright coerce and control into making the decisions that best suit them.”


“Frankly, I’m not surprised to see you leading this charge Ambassador Burton you’ve long been a critic of mine and Jaresh Inyo before me and Ty’ve Bro'la before him.” Larenka said.


“It is clear you seek the position yourself and are merely using alleged mistakes on my part as a means to gather support for your own efforts to get this job.”


“I’ve made no secret of the fact I want to become Federation President nor do apologise for it, I have been consistent in that and my opinion the Federation as it is now is badly run and has been for a long time.”


“I must make clear to the assembly members that my criticisms are not intended as personal attacks against the sitting President or either of his two predecessors."


“They were and remain excellent Ambassadors representing their worlds with integrity, I simply say what all three have themselves publicly admitted either after or while still in office they never sought the position and as a result, I feel were inadequate to the task and I know I'm not alone in believing it."


“Your point about our not seeking the role of President is true, yet I completely disagree it meant either myself President Inyo or President Bro’la weren’t up to the job, all three of us have been appointed at difficult times."


"Bro’la coming in just after the war with the Tzenkethi and serving three consecutive terms."


"As his successor Although he only served for one term, Jaresh saw the beginnings of our problems with the Dominion the dissolution of relations with the Klingons, oh and an attempt to depose him by a group of renegade Starfleet officers.”


“In all I’d defend all three of us our appointments and the decisions we made.”


“That is another complaint I want addressed,” Burton said. 


“The way Presidents are chosen it used to be that they were nominated by the council that two, three, sometimes even four candidates were put up for selection then put to a fair vote in the general assembly.”


“Now they are appointments made in secret by the council with no recall for the people they are supposed to represent we need to go back to the old process the Presidency must be accountable to the people it serves.”


“You, Mr President were not selected by me or by any assembly member nor were you elected by a majority in open and accountable elections, simply because there were none and because of it you aren’t answerable for your mistakes, now that has to change.”


“In your opinion, it really is just your opinion isn't it Mr Ambassador you say that there are others among the council who feel the way you do, but why then are you the only one stood here speaking. If as you claim you have the backing of a majority of the assembly then let them stand before me and make their complaints public.”


“I happen to think the Federation is strong and the way it is now works perfectly well, if anyone else besides Ambassador Burton wishes to disagree then let them.”


“Come on, stand up and make yourselves known tell me what exactly you think I'm doing wrong.”

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