Detention // Luke Hemmings au

In which two rebellious teens get stuck in detention,together.


1. 1: The Beginning

Detention 1

"Detention!" The principal,Mrs. Stewart, yells. Amber stands up in her seat.

"What!" She yells back. "You can't give me detention! Again."

"Oh yes I can. This is the third time you've spray painted the school walls! That's graffiti!" Mrs. Stewart replies.

Amber crosses her arms. "The school needs more color."

"The school needs more good girls and less Amber." Mrs. Stewart shoots back.

Amber rolls her eyes. "Fine. I'll be there during lunch."

"Ah,ah,ah. You'll be there after school."

"Excuse me?"

"You are excused. Get back to class."

"That's not what I meant." Amber groans.


That day, after school, Amber walks into the small detention room. She takes a seat in the back.

"Nope, Amber! Front." Mrs. Crowley says.

"No." Amber lifts her feet onto the desk.

"Amber. Front."

"Nah, I'm good." Amber looks at her nails, earning a chuckle from the boy next to her.

"What'd you do?" He whispers to her.

"I used a couple cans of spray paint on the side of the school." Amber says proudly.

"That was you? Oh wow. That was great." He says.

Amber nods. "That's exactly why I did it."

"Lucas! Amber! No talking. See? The sign says no talking." Mrs. Crowley interrupts.

"Whatever." Amber yawns.

And that, that is how detention started.

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