I hate you Luke Hemmings

Natalie used to have friends... Used to..

Then Luke turned them against her and she will have a burning hatred for him forever.. Maybe..


1. School Day


5sos fanfic~

Name ~ Natalie Nettles

Height ~ 5'4

Age~ 18 (they are in high school)

Hair type~ Long Dark, Brunnete

Eye color~ light green with dark green specks


• Beef Jerky,

•fluffy pajama pants,

• the color teal,

• Penny boarding,

•surfing ,



• Rock music



•Loud noises

•One Direction



•Luke Hemmings

• Calum Hood

•Michael Clifford

• Ashton Irwin

Siblings~ 22 year older bro, Sam

Pets~ White fluff ball names Joy (puppy)

Fave bands~

• Linkin Park

• Fall out Boy

• Green Day


•All American Rejects

• The Killers 😍

• Blink- 182

• My Chemical Romance


"Natalie AbriaLynn! You are going to be late!"

" uuuuuuhhhhggg" I moaned. I rolled over to check what time it was. And to my horror my digital clock displayed in big blocky numbers 6:30am. School starts in 30 minutes!

I jumped out of my bed and sprinted across my wood floor to my bathroom. I hopped into the shower and lathered strawberry shampoo into my hands and massaged my scalp. I repeated with coconut conditioner and pineapple bodywash. I don't know why I love tropical fruits!

I stepped out of my steamy bliss to meet the chilly air hit my body. I dried off and blow dried my hair. I ran back to my room, remembering I'm in a hurry and picked out some light acid destroyed skinny jeans and a White camisole and put a loose grey sweat shirt that had pikachu with a SnapBack and it said in red graffiti 'PIKA POWER'. I slipped on a pair of old black vans and grabbed my Rocco, red penny board with black wheels, and slipped out the door. But then I remembered somthing and back peddled to my room, grabbed my white beanie and my backpack. The I quickly exited my room, accidentally slammed the door, and sprinted down the hall. Whe I got to the small staircase I skipped 2 steps just cuz I could. When I reached the bottom of the staircase I skipped to the pantry threw a seranwrapped blueberry muffin in my black jansport backpack.

"Love you mom bye" I said

" love you too ill be back after dinner so you can order pizza when your home ok." My mom said. "Sure thing" I replied I looked down and saw a fuzzy lump of cuteness running my way! " bye JoyJoy ill miss you!" I cooed in a baby voice while I rubbed her tummy. I stood up checked my phone that was in my bag 6:50 am "crap" I muttered and I sprinted out the door I didn't bother to close it cus I was in such a rush. When I reached the sidewalk I threw down Rocco a bit too harshly and violently pushed myself off. When I got a good pace going I settled down. I checked my phone 6:55 I hurried up. I only live like 10 minutes away from my school but that wasn't really good enough right now. As I reached the Jefferson High School, and I chucked Rocco in my bag and sprinted like a wild man to my class. . There were still a ton of kids in the hallway so I relaxed a little but the were all semi running so that was a sign that the bell was lurking around the corner. There it was! My home ec. Class! I jogged to the door and not a single second later the bell rung signaling that I had made it!

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, and skipped all the way to my crappy wooden desk at the back of class.Today my teacher thinks thought it would be a good idea to drone on about the importance of cooking safety.

I just pretended to pay attention but I just doodled in my math notebook, but it's not like she could really tell if I was paying attention, I'm in the second to last row.

I'm in the middle of drawing a flying narwhal's wing when I feel sombody staring at me. I twisted around like a pretzel to look at the kid behind me. I mentally face-palmed myself. How could I forget? The player of the school, the Luke Hemmings.

He and his little posse of players rule the school and everybody in it.

Not me.

No thanks I prefer to have my heart in tact than to have it toyed with. Yeah I pretty much hate him and his 'crew' because l after Luke cheated on my 2 ex-best friends, Amy and Amber. They both got together and decided to hate me because they were jealous that they got their hearts broken and I haven't.Yes I had friends once! Surprising I know, I used to be a regular girl that wore dresses and wore makeup and all that crap. But after Luke ruined my only friendships I had, I changed. I stopped wearing makeup and I got rid of all my clothes that were pink. I did all that because Amy and Amber were the ones that got me into girls stuff, I was always pretty rocker even when I was girly. But now that the 2 people I trusted most turned on me, I made promise to myself to never let anybody become close to me at all. I don't want to be bitter and cold like Amy and Amber. Even if it meant building walls around me.

I glared at him and turned back around and started to sketch the narwhal's horn but I got that feeling again. It's like somebody burning holes in the back of your head and I get all self conscious about how my hair looks but then realized I shouldn't be self conscious, he's the one staring at me! Then it hit me. Lucas Hemmings the bad boy, insanely hot player is staring at me! Wait the boy that made my friends turn on me is staring at me. Well duh he's staring at you! Your like one of the only girls in school who hasn't gone out with or slept with him yet! Of course he's gunna stare.

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